Fortis Hospital Bangalore Successful Varicocele Surgery of Dubai Patient with IndianMedguru Consultants

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Hello, my name is Abu Al Kasim from Dubai; I’ve got my varicocele surgery from Fortis Hospital via the leading medical service provider IndianMedguru Consultants. I am really thankful to service provider IndianMedguru Consultants and their executive’s which put their heart and soul for assisting me with the successful surgery at Varicocele surgery hospital in India. I came to know about IndianMedguru Consultants through my internet search for the varicocele surgery in India. My research on the internet gave me enough time needed to satisfy and assure myself before choosing the Fortis Hospital Bangalore to get my successful surgery at this best varicocele surgery hospital in India with IndianMedguru Consultants.  All this has later translated into my decision to opt for the low cost varicocele surgery in India at Fortis Hospital Bangalore which is a renowned varicocele surgery hospital in India.

I found a couple of testimonials of the patients like me who travelled to India for their medical treatments and they had a good experience at the varicocele surgery hospital in India. All this has really impressed me and that’s how I decided to contact IndianMedguru Consultants to get my varicocele surgery in India. I send them my inquiry by filling a free consultation form on their website. With a couple of days I received a call from their executive with the reply. He spoke nicely and explained me about everything I should know about the varicocele surgery in India and also helped me with arrangements for the medical trip to India. I gave them my confirmation and my brother accompanied me for my surgery at varicocele surgery hospital in India.

“To get your Appointment at the Top Urologists in Bangalore , Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni

As we reached India, I was really happy to see the services I got. A gentleman person came to pick us up at the airport in Bangalore from Indian Medguru Consultants and took us to the hotel and then to the varicocele surgery hospital in India. At Fortis Hospital Bangalore, we met the doctor who explained me about the entire procedure and answers all my queries. The doctor was kind and told us about what to expect during this surgery which greatly helped to reduce all our fears. My surgery went well at the varicocele surgery hospital in India. The nurses were quite dedicated, caring and compassionate throughout my stay at the varicocele surgery hospital in India. Overall, my stay at Fortis Hospital Bangalore was fantastic. We also got the opportunity to visit some good places across the city.

At IndianMedguru Consultants, we were offered the assistance for the medical visas, doctor appointment at Fortis Hospital Bangalore and the flight tickets, arrangements for hotel, stay and vacation tour. They ensured to provide us the highest quality varicocele surgery from the best surgeons across the country. The varicocele surgery followed strict ethics which met our needs and the services provided were excellent and well within our budget.

I am thankful to the surgeons at Urology Surgery Hospitals and IndianMedguru Consultants for providing me excellent medical care during this trip in India. I am impressed with the skills of the surgeons with great proficiency and professionalism as well as the state of the art facilities and excellent patient care in India.  I am thankful to our group for all the concern about my safety and would highly recommend you to all those who need affordable medical treatment abroad to get their varicocele surgery done through you.

Thanking You,

Abu Al Kasim, Dubai

Male Infertility Guide – Varicocele Surgery Cost Benefits in India


Male Infertility

Infertility issue is not just confined to females only as it can even struck to the males, which can further prevent the reproduction among the female counterpart of a married couple. One of the ways in which the male infertility issue is addressed is via Varicocele surgery. India boasts as one of the top healthcare destinations and getting Varicocele surgery here is always a good idea for a medical tourist suffering from this ailment. The hospitals in India are globally accredited and are equipped to perform a number of complex surgeries. These specialise in giving one of the best surgeries for the male infertility treatment being available at the best cost possible, which is not the case at other places in the world. Now, let’s focus on the male infertility guide and explore the Varicocele surgery in India.

Male Infertility Causes

Male Infertility Causes

This issue prevails when the valves inside the veins and the spermatic cord is seen preventing blood from flowing the right way. This can cause the blood to back up bringing in the issue of widening and swelling of the veins. This is usually the similar procedure, which leads to varicose veins that are very much common among the legs. These issues often arise in the age group of 15 to 25 years giving the sudden appearance among the men in the form of a kidney tumour that further blocks the flow of blood inside the vein. This ailment is more common over the left side of men.  The following are the ailments, which brings in this infertility problem among males:

  • Pre-Testicular : The issues like smoking, drugs and alcohol and other medications that hamper the spermatogenesis.
  • Testicular : Age, carcinoma, genetics, trauma, mumps, hydrocele and idiopathic.
  • Post Testicular : These simply bring in defects that further give the genital track and ejaculation issues.

Varicocele Surgery

Varicocele Surgery

The surgeon makes a small size incision over the lower side of the abdomen along with route of the spermatic cord. The surgeon then isolates the spermatic cord, while the structure within the said cord is seen dissected and the dilated varicose veins or varicocele is seen getting ligated and then further divided sparing the organs like veins, lymphatics and arteries. The surgeon then accesses the testicle via small groin incision and seeking the help of an operating microscope, which happens to be the abnormal veins that are further dissected away and simply tied up in order to prevent the reflux of the blood over the testicle. There is a huge amount of microcirculation that are linked with the testicle hence trying off all these abnormal veins would simply not result to cut off the blood flow from the testicle. This surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and the patient is not required to stay overnight.

Cost Comparison

In terms of cost, no country can beat India for different surgeries and Varicocele Surgery in India is no exception. The cost of Varicocele Surgery in India tolls to around 7000 dollars in India, while the same can cost you around 15000 USD in the US and 13,000 in the UK. You can make out the Varicose Surgery Cost Benefits in India, which attract hordes of global patients all around the world.

Varicocele Surgery in India with India Med Guru


When it comes to visiting India for any healthcare treatment solution, you need a trusted and competitive helping hand to facilitate the surgery or treatment in this country. With the presence of Indian MedGuru, the search for finding high quality procedure – Varicocele Surgery in India simply comes to an end. This health tourism company has carved its niche in the medical tourism industry in India with sheer diligence and greater integrity level. Right from managing your entire Varicocele Surgery in India to doing things local travel, meals, appointment with the doctor and other things, Indian MedGuru has a vital role to play, which end up giving one of the best services to the medical tourists flocking to this country for any treatment.


Happy Mixed Race Baby Boy and Parents Playing Outdoors in the Park.
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Male infertility is a matter of concern for couples who are keen to have kids. This can be addressed Varicocele Surgery in India. With the best expertise and experienced healthcare professionals, India ranks at the top.

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