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India hosts thousands of medical tourists from Africa especially from Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia each year with the rise in number of patients. Africans are getting profitable and beneficial medical pinions and schemes in India for health care services. Quality treatment is the strongest reason to travel far. India is proving most affordable country for health care travel giving supremacy in standards.

A study says revenues of Indian health care in 2012 were $ 45 billion and is expected to multiply thrice by 2016, which will be $ 160 by 2017; this was as per India Brand Equity Foundation’s report.


The low cost of medical facilities results with a huge rise in medical tourism, luring patients from across the globe. The rise in the inflow of patients from African countries like Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and Ghana is well made for medical treatment of infertility, fibroid surgery, and special cancer treatments with all advanced and latest technologies.

Medical tourism is practice of patients looking for apt and moderate healthcare services to nations having an exceptionally better system of medical. Also called Healthcare Travel, this industry includes two particular two groups of people, one coming from exceptionally developed nations looking for moderate medicines and the others travel from under developed countries and still developing nations in perspective of not so good medical facilities over in home town.

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India is developing as a favoured destination for therapeutic medications with an expanding number of patients coming to different Indian healthcare centers for the required medicines. Best surgeons in India and top hospitals make an exemplary combination to choose India as a medical destination. Favourable circumstances for restorative medicines in India incorporate diminished costs, accessibility of most recent therapeutic advancements, and developing consistence on universal quality benchmarks. With countless understudies examining in India, language and communication and translation too does not come as a block for global patients

Following this case will enlighten and convince you greatly with the issue:

Musa Miriam, 48, was suffering from infertility. Treatment in Nigeria could not help her to achieve happiness of being able to conceive, but India miles away from home town, advanced treatment at a private hospital could bring a smile on her face with latest technique of IVF.

She says, “We came to know about healthcare system in India which was affordable and giving results too from our family friend who also visited India for his knee replacement. My husband then began the search and ended with best infertility treatment hospital in India, Mumbai.”

Other case to glance at is of a baby suffering from sickle cell disease. She got best treatment at top hospital in Delhi, India. The baby was from Zambia, again a patient of Africa.

Mohammad Yusuf, a Kenyan is very satisfied with her mother’s knee replacement in India. “We liked the professionalism of doctors and surgeons here. My mother is also responding well to the treatment and also being able to walk without pain. She suffered with chronic pain from last eight months.”

Cancer Treatment

Africans are gaining tremendous trust and confidence on Indian medical system. Moreover the facilities provided by medical tourism companies are flawless. One the best medical tourism service provider is Indian med-guru consultants offering medial plans at top hospitals and with best surgeon in India at affordable price that fit your budget and requirements. An official report from the company said that the company served thousands of international patients at its best.  The team of Indian med-guru consultants has association with excellent hospitals having network all over India in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Nagpur and many more. Contact Indian med-guru consultants for more information.

Colon Cancer: Overview, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a kind of cancer, which is seen originating over the colon or rectum of human body. As per the reports of American Cancer Society, every single person out of 20 people in their lifetime develop the colon cancer and every year more than 100,000 new colon cases are reported all around the world to doctors or hospital. One can treat colon cancer provided he or she is able to diagnose at the initial stage, however, most of the time, people end up getting about the same only when it reaches to the advance stage. This simply complicates the cases, making different routes to counter the menace. Let’s check the causes, diagnosis and the treatment option for colon cancer as under:

Causes of Colon Cancer

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Unlike any other cancer, the exact cause to the colon cancer is yet to be discovered. However, as per the doctors, most of the time these are caused when the healthy cells become abnormal, which further brings this issue of colon cancer in human body. The following are the usual causes of colon cancer:

  • Precancerous Growths: In most of the cases, the abnormal cells are seen accumulating and generating polyps, which further becomes cancerous if remains untreated.
  • Gene Mutations: If you have a family history of colon cancer and it can pass on to the next generation via gene mutation owing to heredity. Though in most of the cases they do not turn to cancer, yet there are chances for the same. These types of cancers do not pose any special symptoms in the earlier stages; however, there are some in the higher stages, which is a separate issue to deal with.

Diagnosis of Colon Cancer

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The presence of colon cancer can be diagnosed in various ways, however, it doesn’t show any kind of early symptoms when these remain in the primitive stage. The early you are able to diagnose the menace the better would be the result at the end of the day by the doctor dealing with it. The doctors take resort in the following tests and options for diagnosing this menace. Let’s check them out:

  • Blood Test: Blood gives the presence of colon cancer in patient’s body.
  • Colonoscopy: It involves using a camera via a long tube inside your body to the colon along with taking out certain tissues to confirm the presence of colon cancer.
  • X Ray: It gives the insight about the colon and rectum position along with conditions, which indicate the presence of colon cancer.
  • CT Scan: It helps in finding the best image of your colon, which further helps in finding the best picture of colon cancer.

Treatment Options for Colon Cancer

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The treatment of colon cancer can be carried out in the following four ways, which will depend upon the stage of the cancer along with other conditions.

  • Surgery: The treatment of surgery will depend upon the stage of colon cancer you have. For instance in the early stage, you can get rid of the polyp found in the colon area using colonoscopy. However, in case the cancer has spread to the other organs like rectum, the surgeon then clubs with other procedures along with surgery to get rid of the menace. This can include the therapies like chemo wherein the cells with cancer are destroyed that are unable to remove using any surgery.
  • Chemotherapy: In this procedure, as said above, the cancerous cells are destroyed, which fails to get flushed out using the surgeries. This procedure is often used to regulate the growth of the cancerous tumour along with giving the necessary relief from the cancerous symptoms.
  • Radiation: If nothing works then using powerful X ray via radiation therapy, the cancerous cells are destroyed after the surgery. This is generally used along with chemo.
  • Medication: There are certain medicines, which are used to treat the colon cancer provided you have tried the other options. Using special drugs can help in blocking the enzymes, which promote the cancer cell growth.