Who needs Disc Replacement Surgery and at what age it is safe?

Disc replacement surgery for degenerative disc diseases

We often face back pain as we get older; the disc that supports our back degenerates; this can be observed in the early age to as a result of trauma, surgery etc. The degenerative disc disease can be managed using conservative non-surgical care but many conditions desire surgery.

The surgical procedure is performed to get relieve from back pain; disc replacement surgery is an artificial way to stimulate spinal function. This artificial method of disc replacement surgery involves replacing degenerated disc with an artificial replacement. This artificial replacement is made up of metal or a combination of metal and plastic. Disc replacement surgery is a new procedure to relieve back pain.

disc replacement surgery

Need to know about  Quality Disc Replacement Surgery in India at cheapest cost

Disc replacement surgery in India is very affordable as compared to other countries. One can get the best surgeons for their disc replacement surgery at a very low cost. The surgeons in India are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. They have more than 15 years of experience in this profession. Hospitals in India are highly equipped and believe in minimally invasive surgical methods. One would never regret to be treated in hospitals at India.

At what age it is safe

Disc replacement surgery is considered as the major surgery so it should be performed under the supervision of the best professionals. This surgery desires a lot of resistance in the patient who would undergo this surgery. Still according to the medical history the patients between the age group of 18 to 60 are the good candidates for Disc replacement surgery.

Patients who often complain of low back pain should ask the doctor if they are eligible for disc replacement surgery. There are many more conditions that can be pitched towards disc replacement surgery in order to get relieved of their present painful situation. The conditions like: patients with one level disc disease, patients with spine surgery, patients who have not responded to minimum six months of conservative treatment etc.

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What is the Cost of surgery in India?

The cost of disc replacement surgery in India is very affordable as compared to other countries. The low cost does not have any effects on the service given to the patient. Some of the surgical procedures and its cost are mentioned below;

  • Disc Replacement Surgery: the cost in India is approximately USD 11,000
  • Spinal Fusion: the cost in India is approximately USD 10,000
  • Cervical Disc Replacement: the cost in India is approximately USD 10,000
  • Orthopedic Surgery: the cost in India is approximately USD 5,000

disc replacement

How can I get the surgery in India

Disc replacement surgery in India is very affordable with the help of Dheeraj bojwani consultants. Dheeraj Bojwani consultants will help you to get the best medical package for your Disc replacement surgery in India. They will help you to get the best professional surgeon who can help you to overcome you disorder. One only needs to fill the free consultation form online rest will be taken care of by the consultants; and as the treatment procedure is best as compared to other countries; one would never regret to plan their medical treatment in India.


  • We Dheeraj Bojwani consultants will help you to get medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc.
  • We will also help you to get appointment with the best professional surgeons and top hospitals in India.
  • We will guide you from day one and will be there with you throughout your medical treatment in India.
  • We will also help you to plan your return journey to your home town.

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Success Rate of Computer Assisted Surgery in India with its Great Advantages


Computer Assisted surgery success rate in India is higher. It is a breakthrough in the medical field as the scope for invasive surgery reduces to bare minimum. The surgeries performed using this technology alleviate the pain and blood loss to great extent. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India has been assisting the global patients seeking advantages of computer assisted surgery at the best hospitals equipped with all the mechanisms need for this surgery at cost-effective prices.

computer assisted surgery

Computer assisted surgery in India

Computer assisted surgery in India signifies a surgical concept and a sort of methods using computer technology for the pre-surgical planning and to guide and perform surgical interventions.  Also known as computer aided surgery and computer assisted intervention has been a leading factor for development of the robotic surgery. The advantages of computer assisted surgery has shown to make it less likely the limb alignment problems that occur post knee replacement surgery.

It uses special probes attached to the body to help the surgeon ensuring proper positioning of the joint replacement implants. The probes are detected by an infrared camera connected to a computer terminal that constructs an electronic model of the knee or hip based on the information gathered by sensing the position of these probes.

The computer can help guide the surgeon’s placement of the knee or hip replacement implants ensuring the proper positioning of the joint replacement.

How Computer Assisted Surgery Works?

For the patient’s data registry, a sensing device is attached to the patient and an infrared camera helps to receive the date for processing and creating each patient’s digital model. The software contains data for various types of sizes of prosthesis. Then the computer will assist the surgeon with enough information for preparing the best bone bed surface for each type of prosthesis. Also it assists the surgeon to choose the optimal prosthetic size for the patient. The surgeon will use the data from the CAS system to shape a fitted bone bed and help to monitor the accuracy of the bone bed shape preparation. In case of a mal-alignment, timely correction can be performed right away. The latest version of the software enables the surgeon to determine the balance of the surrounding muscle and ligament. The ultimate goal of this surgery is optimum functionality and durability over time.

CAS India

Computer assisted surgery Success Rate in India

The computer assisted surgery success rate in India has been higher as it has been quite successful to achieve its goals.

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Advantages of computer assisted surgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

  • Offer the surgeons an unprecedented level of feedback information during a procedure
  • Offers visual confirmation at each stage of the surgical procedure thereby allows modification of the plan during the surgical procedure as per the intra-operative findings
  • Enables surgeon to execute the surgery exactly as planned
  • Superior soft tissue balancing
  • Increased accuracy every time, due to execution of a well established plan based on acquired landmarks
  • Increased reproducibility time after time with perfect accuracy.
  • Less invasive and safer
  • Superior panel of doctors and surgeons
  • Assistance with arranging your medical visa, meals, accommodation for the patient and attendant and appointment with the doctor.
  • Budget friendly computer assisted surgery in India
  • Advantages of computer assisted surgery in India with utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting our patient’s needs

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Find Best Surgeons in India – Infertility Treatment, Fibroid Surgery and Cancer Treatment: Contact Indian-Med-Guru

Find Best Surgeons in India

India hosts thousands of medical tourists from Africa especially from Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia each year with the rise in number of patients. Africans are getting profitable and beneficial medical pinions and schemes in India for health care services. Quality treatment is the strongest reason to travel far. India is proving most affordable country for health care travel giving supremacy in standards.

A study says revenues of Indian health care in 2012 were $ 45 billion and is expected to multiply thrice by 2016, which will be $ 160 by 2017; this was as per India Brand Equity Foundation’s report.


The low cost of medical facilities results with a huge rise in medical tourism, luring patients from across the globe. The rise in the inflow of patients from African countries like Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and Ghana is well made for medical treatment of infertility, fibroid surgery, and special cancer treatments with all advanced and latest technologies.

Medical tourism is practice of patients looking for apt and moderate healthcare services to nations having an exceptionally better system of medical. Also called Healthcare Travel, this industry includes two particular two groups of people, one coming from exceptionally developed nations looking for moderate medicines and the others travel from under developed countries and still developing nations in perspective of not so good medical facilities over in home town.

Fibroid Surgery 1

India is developing as a favoured destination for therapeutic medications with an expanding number of patients coming to different Indian healthcare centers for the required medicines. Best surgeons in India and top hospitals make an exemplary combination to choose India as a medical destination. Favourable circumstances for restorative medicines in India incorporate diminished costs, accessibility of most recent therapeutic advancements, and developing consistence on universal quality benchmarks. With countless understudies examining in India, language and communication and translation too does not come as a block for global patients

Following this case will enlighten and convince you greatly with the issue:

Musa Miriam, 48, was suffering from infertility. Treatment in Nigeria could not help her to achieve happiness of being able to conceive, but India miles away from home town, advanced treatment at a private hospital could bring a smile on her face with latest technique of IVF.

She says, “We came to know about healthcare system in India which was affordable and giving results too from our family friend who also visited India for his knee replacement. My husband then began the search and ended with best infertility treatment hospital in India, Mumbai.”

Other case to glance at is of a baby suffering from sickle cell disease. She got best treatment at top hospital in Delhi, India. The baby was from Zambia, again a patient of Africa.

Mohammad Yusuf, a Kenyan is very satisfied with her mother’s knee replacement in India. “We liked the professionalism of doctors and surgeons here. My mother is also responding well to the treatment and also being able to walk without pain. She suffered with chronic pain from last eight months.”

Cancer Treatment

Africans are gaining tremendous trust and confidence on Indian medical system. Moreover the facilities provided by medical tourism companies are flawless. One the best medical tourism service provider is Indian med-guru consultants offering medial plans at top hospitals and with best surgeon in India at affordable price that fit your budget and requirements. An official report from the company said that the company served thousands of international patients at its best.  The team of Indian med-guru consultants has association with excellent hospitals having network all over India in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Nagpur and many more. Contact Indian med-guru consultants for more information.

Affordable Cancer Treatment – Best Surgeons Top Hospital Service in India

types of cancer


Cancer, the term can scare anyone on listening, however, it can be curable provided diagnosed on right time and treated in the early stages. Even in your later stages wherein cure becomes impossible, the patients can be treated to have a meaningful life with the disease. With proper diagnosis and management, things can change. India of late has become the best place for treatment of cancer with the expertise and the availability of best resources for all kinds of cancer. Right from having the best oncologists to the presence of state of art facility hospitals, the country has some of the best quality service, which comes along with greater affordability. This really attracts the medical tourists far and wide to avail the best medical attention and treatment for various kinds of cancer.

Best Cancer Hospitals Treating All Kinds of Cancer

We know that cancers are of different types, which often require doctors/surgeons of that particular speciality. India is blessed to have hospitals with these doctors specialising in different forms of cancer and types. These hospitals are known for having the expertise and required technology/state of art facilities, which make them competitive for the treatment for a number of ailments. These hospitals can be found in almost all the metro cities of India, wherein medical tourists from a number of countries like Middle East, Africa, Asian Countries, UK, US, Canada, and other European countries flock in to get the best possible treatment at competitive cost. These hospitals are known to have all the facilities and human resources, which any developed nations are known to encompass, however, the cost makes the difference that attract medical tourists far and wide to India.

Medical Treatments/Surgeries Available in India

Doctor Talking To Senior Couple On Ward

There is a wide range of care and treatments being carried out in India for the medical tourists that come from different nations and regions. These are offered in an organised treatment options for the ailment called cancer in the following ways:

  • Radiation Therapy: All the cancer hospitals in India have radiation treatment, which helps in calculating a number of doses of high end X rays treatment option within human body having cancer. This is usually a pain free treatment option, which doesn’t really give any side effects.
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment option is used to destroy the growing cancer cells, while other forms of this treatment will reduce its growth in the other organs of your body. The Indian hospitals cater you the same with the highest quality of expertise, which is generally offered in an outpatient basis being managed by highly competent doctors and trained medical staff.
  • Surgery: The surgical procedures also play a vital role in managing a number of types of cancer. In many cases, surgery plays a vital role in fixing this menace. The cancer hospitals are competent enough to fix this problem without any hassle or issue.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant: It is one of the vital options to get rid of the cancer from our body. This procedure is carried out for a number of patients facing acute leukemias, lumphomas, multiple myeloma and several other issues pertaining to cancer.

Best Cancer Surgeons in India

Best Cancer Surgeons
Get more information about : Best Surgeons in India

India has one of the best cancer surgeons and doctors in India. They are highly qualified and equally competitive to deal with any kind of cancer without any hassle or issue. Most of the doctors practising in the Indian hospitals are qualified from foreign universities and also have experience in working some of the best hospitals in developed nations. So, their expertise and professionalism comes without any doubt or suspicion. They are skilled and compassionate, which make a huge difference in treating various types of cancer.

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