Low cost Knee Replacement Surgery For Patients From Sudan: Guideline & Assistance

Healthcare System in Sudan

With such a study, I was able to make out that I was about to enter into a place, which will offer me high quality education. It will help in making my profile strong, which in turn would help me get placed in top IT companies, which is offered at the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India. The fact if you check the healthcare system in Sudan and other African countries, the story is really bad. The fact of the matter is these countries including Sudan is a very poor country and they do not have proper infrastructure for healthcare hence considering any competitive surgery like knee replacement is certainly not possible. Hence the patients from this country have to travel to fix their health problems in the developed nations. But with the availability of the high quality and low cost knee replacement surgery in India, more and more global patients from Sudan are coming to the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India. Let’s dig in deep more about the features of the Low cost knee replacement surgery in India in the following paragraphs:

knee pain
Knee Replacement Surgery

Why Patient from Sudan looking knee replacement surgery in Abroad?

As said above, the healthcare infrastructure in African countries like Sudan is too poor and in a bad shape and this is perhaps the key reason why more and more global patients from this place fly in different countries. However, with availability of high quality and low cost knee replacement surgery in India that too found at places like the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India, more and more global patients are coming to avail the same from Sudan and other African countries. The poor infrastructure of healthcare system in this country promoted them to fly to different countries for the healthcare treatment options. Since India happens to be a globally emerging country in healthcare services, which interestingly can be sought at much of the affordable cost, more and more global patients are looking for high quality healthcare services here from Sudan. India is Famous as medical tourism Destination.

India is Famous as Medical Tourism Destination

As per reports, India ranks at the Top Five in Medical Tourism Industry. The fact of the matter is India has witnessed a huge amount of investment in this domain of healthcare giving nothing but the best of the healthcare services to the global patient.

health replacement

The Indian doctors and hospitals are par in terms of expertise and facilities respectively. They offer high quality and low cost knee replacement surgery in India, giving the global patients to plan their surgeries here only. As they know they would get nothing but the high quality and low cost knee replacement surgery in India.

Best Hospital for Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery in India- Fortis Hospital India

If you talk about the top hospital in India, Fortis leads the show. The hospitals equipped with state of art facilities and features along with having top surgeons and doctors dealing with Low cost knee replacement surgery in India that too offered at the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India.

Best Hospital Knee Replacement Surgery in India

The hospitals have top doctors with high qualification and experience giving nothing but the best to the global patients. Also, the doctors and surgeons dealing with these surgeries have ample amount of experience not just in India but abroad. best hospital for affordable knee replacement surgery in IndiaFortis Hospital India.

Knee Replacement Surgery Benefits in India

India gives one of the best benefits when it comes to availing high quality and Low cost knee replacement surgery in India. If you talk about the benefits you get the access to best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India then Fortis leads the show.

Knee replacement cost
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The hospital has one of the best facilities and features and top doctors and surgeons. The medical experts and doctors are known for their expertise and they have association with top surgeon groups, which deal with surgeries and expertise. They have loads of papers being published in top journals and they participate in different medical and healthcare conference as experts in different parts of the country including the developed countries.


All these factors make India the popular destination for medical tourism. This include bringing the global patients from Sudan and other places for Low cost knee replacement surgery in India, which can be received at the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India.

Get the low cost successful knee replacement surgery in India. For more details, contact us.
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Top Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon in India : Available at Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai

Pancreatic Cancer : Overview


Pancreatic cancer refers to the growth of cancerous cells in the tissues of the pancreas, a gland located behind the stomach helping in digestion and maintain the blood sugar levels. The pancreatic cancer surgeon in India is available at Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai through IndianMedguru Consultants.

Symptoms and Risk Factor of Pancreatic Cancer

Since the pancreatic cancer attacks silently, it is often diagnosed at later stage. The symptoms show up when the disease has gripped the body.  When the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India detects it early, then it will help to treat and control the disease. Do not ignore the symptoms mentioned below:

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  • Jaundice
  • Unexplained weight
  • Change in normal blood sugar level
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Persiten itching
  • Dark urine and light stool
  • Back pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck

There is no specific reason for the pancreatic cancer and therefore anyone can be gripped by the disease. But as per some studies, it may be your genes or family history or lifestyle such as alcohol, smoking, high intake of red meat putting you at risk. Elderly people and those with disease such as pancreatitis, stomach ulcers and diabetes are at higher risk of pancreatic cancer.

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How Surgeons can Diagnosed Pancreatic Cancer


It is difficult for the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India to diagnose the pancreatic cancer through symptoms. Therefore, they will recommend any of the following tests to diagnose or rule out cancer:

  • Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS)
  • Pancreatic ultrasound or a CT scan of the abdomen
  • Biopsy
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Laparoscopy to view the tumor

Patients Testimonials: Mr. Philemon – Kenya ,Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India

Role of Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer


The role of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer is that it can be given both before or post surgery as per your medical case. It is actually the different doses of drugs administered via pills, injections or IV solutions by the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India into the patients to kill the cancer cells and prevent further relapse.

Benefits of Pancreatic Surgery at Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai

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The pancreatic cancer surgeon in India are expect oncologists with training and experience in advanced treatment facilities for all types of cancer patients.

  • Cost Benefits Treatment

The cost benefits treatment from the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India are quite affordable compared to that offered by the western countries.

  • Zero waiting time Treatment

There is zero waiting time treatment from the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India.

  • Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai

Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai has been a beacon of light for the pancreatic cancer patients for over 50 years. The hospital is renowned for the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India with medical expertise, excellent nursing care and quality diagnostics. Our panel of pancreatic cancer surgeon in India are some of the most distinguished name in Indian Medical profession.

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IndianMedguru Consultants is a leading medical value provider in India having association with the pancreatic cancer surgeon in India at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. Our network of the renowned pancreatic cancer surgeon in India offers excellent treatment, care of our international patients who travel down to India for affordable cost treatments and surgeries for pancreatic cancer. While selecting the right pancreatic cancer surgeon in India, it is essential to look into several factors such as their experience, expertise in cancer patient care, etc. If you are seeking an appointment with the top pancreatic cancer surgeon in India available at Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai, then drop us your inquiry on our website.

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Tips for Cancer Patients: How to remove Stress on Christmas

Affordable Cancer Treatment in India, Cost Blood Treatment in India, Blood Cancer Treatment in India, Leukemia Treatment in India, Low cost Leukemia Treatment in India, Leukemia Treatment cost India, Lymphoma treatment in India, Lymphoma Treatment cost in India, Low cost Lymphoma Treatment in India,

Christmas can be stressful yet enjoyable experience for the cancer patients provided you know how to move things in a right direction. It can encompass a number of things like sending out cards to doing other things that can make the life of a cancer patient not only stressful but annoying. Though the cancer patients may never mind the stress but it can be unfair to their sufferings. For such people suffering from cancer may end up facing decompression, reflection and stress, however, the following ten tips can help you a lot, check them out:

1). Ask for Help:

You could be tired up catching the appointments with the doctor but at the same time doing a number of things like shopping and packing the gifts. Well, it is always better to ask for help and take up the loved one to get help you in things like shopping, cooking and decorating.

2). Let Go the Tiring Activities:

Just because you have been doing all the Christmas decoration on your own since long this doesn’t really mean that you would keep on doing things yet again while you suffer from this menace. The traditions can and should change in order to accommodate your emotional, mental and physical needs as per your disease.

3). Change Your Travel Plans or Social Activities and Include the Rest Time as well :

By liming the time you spend with your family one can give you more time to relax and rest. If you are feeling down and low you can rest at your place knowing ahead of your time, in other words, you need to have the access to your bedroom all the time so that you can anytime relax and rest without facing the stress.

4). Reduce the Expectations in Life:

You may not be able to find everyone that you have planned on seeing this Christmas holiday and that can be called as okay. Better be realistic about your expectations. Focus over doing the things that are simple for you and what would be most meaningful things in a longer run.

5). Set Aside me Time:

Whenever you are feeling stressed, it is hard to stay physically and emotionally strong. In order to keep yourself to be in a right pose you need to include a couple of things like exercises, eating healthy stuff and having a proper sleep in your daily routine. Make sure you lift your spirits try catching up all your favorite movies and going out to have the fresh air or even think of playing some interesting music.

6). Reduce Inflammation- Eat Plants:

In short embrace the gorgeous greens, legumes, beans, seeds, nuts and things like fruits, vegetable galore and sea veggies. Flash out the inflammatory and hormone based dairy products with the plant strong whole foods. Talking about the sugar better choose the low glycemic desserts and fruits.

7). Sleep like a Champ:

A good sleep can keep the stress at bay so make sure you have a good and restful sleep while you get healed up. This will help you in activating the regenerative capabilities of your body for sure.

8). Handle Panic & Stress Smartly:

Stress is the enemy of cancer with its increase you end up making your conditions bad to worse. So make sure you handle the same with care be it with mediation, hiking in the woods, trying some yoga or anything else, learn to handle it with care.

9). Educate Yourself:

By exploring the ways that can help you get the ease and comfort while you enjoy the festive time can help in keeping things in control. So the more you educate yourself the better would be the outcome.

10). Consult Experts:

If you feel things can go out of control make sure you seek the help of experts be it your family doctor or a competitive counsellor, they both can do the best in helping you.

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Diabetic Treatment: Is It Safe For You


If you are unfortunate enough to get entangled into the health condition called diabetes then the basic reason to the same could be the obesity. Hence getting rid of the same can help in giving freedom from the menace. There is no permanent treatment option for the menace yet it can be regulated to a great extent with various methods. If you talk about the nation in the east then India comes into the forefront that gives you high quality and affordable solution. The diabetes treatment in India is backed with high quality healthcare services. The hospitals and health centers in India catering the treatment for diabetes are par in term of facilities and amenities governed by state of art technology that render the same with greater affordability and quality. Let us dig in deep to get the crux in the following paragraphs:


Understanding Diabetes

If you talk about diabetes, it is termed as the common ailment yet every person suffering from the same would need unique care. Hence if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from the same you need to explore more on the same and get things done on time. You get to learn the modern methods of medical therapies and approaches along with understanding the healthy lifestyle options the right. With the help effective communication and with the healthcare experts feeling in controlling things right and responding as per the changes seen in the requirements one can keep this medical conditions at bay. The goal of Diabetes Treatment in India is to regulate the blood glucose levels for getting the optimum health. Hence it can be regulated though cannot be treated, thus in this fashion it can be managed. The more you explore about the condition the more you understand things right. Let’s explore about the same as under:


Treating Diabetes

If you talk about the Diabetes treatment there are various methods controlling the same time to check the same:

  • Nutrition: If you are suffering from Type I or II diabetes, you are supposed to explore about the same more and then can help in knowing the nutrition intake. Seeking the help of CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) can help in developing a good meal plan fitting your lifestyle can work wonders. The expert help in chalking out the right diet plan for a diabetes patient that in turn helps in reducing the risk of developing complications and other issues.
  • Physical Activity: It plays a vital role in regulating the diabetes in preventing the complications including high blood pressure and heart ailments. Establishing the proper exercise regime can help in regulating the conditions. These can include brisk walking, running and other moderate exercises.
  • Medications: If you have type II diabetes then eating something healthy in physical activity may not suffice you may need a proper oral medication for controlling the glucose levels. For a number of people having Type I diabetes and even for Type II one may need insulin.  You may even need a device to monitor the sugar levels.

Patient Experience For Diabetic Treatment in India 


Diabetic Treatment in India

India ranks high if you talk about catering high quality and affordable solutions. The country has one of the best medical centers and hospitals that make the diabetic treatment in India. The doctors dealing with these treatment options are highly skilled and competitive in terms of experience and expertise that enable in treating the medical condition the best. Interestingly, the country has one of the best treatment options being available at much of the affordable cost that are par with the developed nations looking out for high quality and affordable solutions.

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Why People Choose Doctors in India for Better Treatment?


Top Doctors in India

India is gaining strength in giving one of the best set of hospitals and medical centers catering high quality healthcare services. The huge amount of investment taking place in this field has brought forth some of the best and high quality hospitals and medical centers that remain powered by the state of art technologies. The high end hospitals in India are world class that can compete the best in terms of services you find in this world. India ranks high in terms of getting the well trained manpower that gives the best of the doctors, surgeons, medical team and other staff one needs for various levels of surgeries and treatment options. The Doctors in India –Indianmedguru rank much better in terms of experience and expertise, which give the global patients to rely on them and choose for the surgery they need. Some of the key reasons why global patients choose the doctors in India for their better treatment can be put in the following paragraphs:

High Standards in Medical and Surgical Care along with Effective Patient Handling

Whether it is cardiac care or oncology, or any other treatment, Indian doctors are ace in terms of giving one of the best of the healthcare services. In fact, with certain specialisations like cosmetics and dentistry no one can beat the Indian healthcare sector. Thanks to their expertise and experience of the Doctors in India –Indianmedguru which make them competitive in terms of diagnosing and treating the ailments with good care and professionalism.

Top doctor India

Highly Competitive Doctors in Various Fields

When it comes to the medical team, surgeons and Doctors in India –Indianmedguru, there is no one to compete with them in terms of experience and expertise. There is a high level of experience and expertise, which is needed to fix the serious ailments found in the healthcare sector. The surgeons and doctors practising in different fields are highly educated with English background that make the global patients comfortable and feel at home. They are trained at their specialisations from one of the finest minds and skilled people not just in India but also in abroad.

A large Pool of Doctors

India has seen a huge investment in healthcare sector, which has given birth to a number of hospital chains which have one of the best medical facilities and serving doctors and surgeons easily compared to the western world. With a number of hospitals coming into picture, the availability of top doctors and surgeons come into picture that has been the key reason to deliver high quality healthcare services. A number of hospitals that are seen getting into the global patients are seen doing the best in attracting a good number of competitive staff of Doctors in India –Indianmedguru, which make things simple for one and all.

Top doctor in India

Huge Experience and Expertise

When it comes to experience and expertise no one can beat the Indian doctors and surgeons. They are trained with the state of art technology equipment and machines that help them go grow the best giving nothing but the best to the global patients. India is known for the medical treatments wherein advanced treatment are required including the cardiovascular surgeries, eye surgery, organ transplant and the list goes on.


India has been ranking higher when it comes to medical tourism. In fact, the country has a rich culture and past of treating a number of patients in the past thanks to the ancient art of treatments like Ayurveda that have worked so well for the patients not just from India and abroad. So, continuing his legacy, the country has one of the top Doctors in India –Indianmedguru where in more and more global patients are seen benefiting the most.

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Get Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India – The Most Affordable Solution

The pancreas can be called as the small organ that plays a vital role in human body. These are located close to liver that produces certain enzymes, which help in digesting the food and even help in maintain the sugar levels in human body. Insulin is produced only from the pancreas that help further in leveling the glucose in our blood. However, with issues like pancreatic tumor is seen forming abnormal mass called as neoplasm. These can be cancerous and can be fixed with a surgery as well. India is seen with higher ranks in catering high quality and affordable cancer surgeries and pancreatic cancer treatment is no exception in India. With the Lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India promised with high quality, more and more global patients are flocking to India for these surgical options. Let’s check more on this topic as under:


Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

As you are able to access the Lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India, you need to check a couple of symptoms, which are as under:

The common ones are

  • Pain seen in the stomach area, which may spread to your back
  • The Jaundice
  • Some Unexplained weight loss

While the other symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Bowel disturbances
  • Diabetes
  • Fever and shivering

Types of Pancreatic Cancer

When it comes to types of the cancer, the Pancreatic Cancer has several types. If you are having anyone of the same, you can go for the lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India as under:

  • Exocrine Tumors
  • Ductal Adenocarcinoma
  • Acinar Cell Carcinoma
  • Adenosquamous Carcinoma
  • Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm/Tumours
  • Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma
  • Pancreatoblastoma
  • Serous Cystadenocarcinoma
  • Solid and Pseudopapillary Tumors
  • Endocrine Tumors
  • Gastrinomas (Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome)
  • Glucagonomas
  • Insulinomas
  • PPomas
  • Somatostatinomas
  • VIPomas

Treatment – Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

When it comes to treatment of this kind of cancer, you have two basic surgical options that can be achieved under Lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India as under:

  • Curative Surgery – This surgery is helpful for fixing the small size tumors and is regarded as the most effective treatment option. This kind of surgery cover a number of procedures, which include Whipple’s Surgery, Pylorus-preserving Pancreatoduodenectomy, Distal Pancreatectomy and Total Pancreatectomy
  • Palliative Surgery – This cancer surgery helps in removing the cancerous symptoms along with the disorder. The surgical procedures include the treatments like Palliative Surgery, Insertion of a plastic or metal tube called a stent, Biliary Bypass, Gastric Bypass and Coeliac Plexus Nerve Block.

Why Choose Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India

When it comes to India, there is no dearth of good cancer hospitals and medical centers that are known for giving high quality and affordable cancer treatments, which certainly include the pancreatic cancer. Here you can find the lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India backed by top oncologists well trained in treating cancer. The quality of healthcare services including the cancer care in the leading oncology care hospitals are very much similar to the ones found in the developed nations like the US or the UK. India has many brands that have invested in this domain embarking with one of the best cancer care hospitals and treatment centers. These have one of the best doctors, physicians and cancer surgeons that handle a number of cases that are skilled in operating a number of complicated surgical procedures. A majority of hospitals are accredited by reputed quality groups that are known to give high quality cancer treatment.

The Cost of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India

India witnesses one of the most cost effective procedures and cancer treatments like pancreatic surgeries are no exception in this country. The treatment options come along at 60 to 80 percent less than the ones found in the developed nations like the US or the UK. This makes it the lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India making the global patients all across the world drop down to this country for this treatment option.

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Visit Indian Medguru for Affordable Brachytherapy in India

Brachytherapy 2

Brachytherapy is among the complex procedures wherein one can find radioactive material being placed inside or near the tumor. In order to avert any kind of complications, this surgical procedure would need high end equipment that is available with the hospitals. In the recent past few years, India has ranked higher for a number of surgical procedures including the procedures like Brachytherapy, which has become the number one option for one and more global patients found all across the world. For global patients coming to India need a helping hand, which is not only reliable but professional enough to manage the entire treatment in India, including the procedure like Brachytherapy in this country. With groups like Indian Med Guru, your search for finding a reliable group comes to an end.

Understanding Brachytherapy

The procedure Brachytherapy as said is among the complicated procedures in medical science meant to use material directly inside or over the tumor. Brachia is among the Greek term, which means short and it helps in using high radiation dose that reduces the risk of damaging over the health tissues and boosting up the probability of cancer that is flushed out. The doctors could be seen placing the Brachytherapy seeds over the body cavity like the vagina or insert the seeds over the body tissue that employs hollow needles. The procedures can be employed alone or could be done with radiation externally. The radioactive seeds could be left permanently over the place or simply removed after some amount of time.

Brachytherapy 1

Brachytherapy of Procedure

In Brachytherapy Procedure, you can find the physician placing the source of irradiation close to the tumor or within the body cavity. The procedure may include putting the radioactive source inside the body cavity like the vagina or by simply putting radioactive material directly over the body tissue employing hollow needles. In this surgery, you can find the surgeon giving external beam radiation as well, which can be used to form radiotherapy. However, in some of the cases, you may find certain permanent place while in other cases these are removed in certain amount of time. The placement of the radioactive sources can be repeated for a number of times in some of the conditions.

Benefits of Brachytherapy

The procedure of Brachytherapy can give the patients a number of benefits, which are indicated as under:

  • The precise kind of targeting of the radiation helps in securing your healthy tissue;
  • The procedure is very fast and can be within 1 to 3 hours that is carried out on an outpatient basis
  • The radiation surgery has little impact on issues like impotence and incontinence thus affecting the least on the quality of life.
  • The patients generally resume the life within 1-2 days with minimal amounts of restrictions
  • Lastly, the procedure called Brachytherapy is seen greatly shortening the duration of the treatment, even if it is meant to treat the prostate cancer, it can take just half day to fix it, which would be rather 5-7 weeks of treatment while going with the traditional radiation method

Brachytherapy 3

Brachytherapy in India With Indian Medguru Consultant

India boasts on the top when it comes to seeking any healthcare solutions and procedures like Brachytherapy is no exception. However, this is only possible when global patients plan the low cost Brachytherapy in India with competitive medical tourism company. One such healthcare consultant for global patients coming from different countries is Indian Medguru. The group is a decade old medical tourism company having its specialization in the healthcare services with the most affordable packages. They ensure that every aspect of medical tourism of any global patient coming for any surgery is being taken care of the best. They have the best doctors, surgeons and hospitals in their network, which ensure high quality medical treatment in India with much affordable cost, which happens to be the USP of Indian Medguru.

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Top 5 Medical Tourism Company in India – Travelling for Health From UAE to INDIA


Medical Tourism Company1

Medical tourism offers a provision for cost effective private medical care in association with the tourism industry for the patients seeking surgery and other forms of specialized treatments. It has achieved a new dimension wherein a large number of medical tourism companies in India extend a wide range of services to their patients, the services include:

  • Offer assistance/ pick up services to the patients at the time of arrival at the airport, railway station or bus depot.
  • Escort new people to their respective offices.
  • Help the patients at the time of checking in the hotels which are closer to the hospital in which they will undergo their treatments.
  • Help with arranging east boarding facilities for the patient’s relatives.

India has several top hospital chains which are now catering to the health tourist for providing them with superior quality surgical and other medical treatments. This also helps the hospitals to gain higher revenue compared to the local patients. While opting for the best medical tourism companies in India, you should check whether the hospitals have an international accreditation and the most prominent certifications such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the ISO 9001:2000; a generic standard for the Quality Management System across the world.

List of Top 5 Medical Tourism Companies in India

1. Tour2India4Health Consultant

Tour2India4Health Consultant

Tour2India4Health Consultant is the first government recognized medical tourism company in India that offers guidance to the foreign patients seeking medical care and services of international standard at the most affordable price in India. The medical facilities in India are widely recognized and the Indian surgeons have an international reputation to provide comprehensive care to the patients. They provide assistance in receiving treatments for all kinds of health problems, including orthopedics, cancer, cosmetic surgery, neurological surgery, etc. They are associated with reputed hospitals and the best surgeons, nursing staff and medical team to ensure a comfortable recovery for the patients. Tour2India4Health is a trustworthy medical tourism group that offers affordable treatments, friendly atmosphere and easy communication.

2. Forerunners Healthcare Consultant

Forerunners Healthcare Consultant

Forerunners Healthcare Consultant is a government registered medical tourism company in India offering various range of medical and healthcare services at highly economical costs. They are renowned for providing the best cancer treatment and best obesity surgery in India. They have close ties with the top hospitals in India with hi-tech equipments, state of the art infrastructure, skilled doctors and surgeons and compassionate nurses and medical staff. They assist the patients right from the first consultation till the final management comprising of the medical treatment, travel, stay, planning and coordination of the services till you reach back home safe, happy and contented.

3. India Med Guru Healthcare Consultant

India Med Guru Healthcare Consultant

Indian Med Guru Healthcare Consultant is a premier medical tourism company in India that offers high quality medical services and treatment by the top surgeons in the country. They offer a complete range of surgical care including the orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, weight loss surgery, surgical treatment of cancer, organ transplantation, unique treatments for pancreas, liver diseases and general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, endocrine surgery, podiatric surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, urology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, etc.

4. Dheeraj Bojwani Healthcare Consultant

Dheeraj Bojwani Healthcare

Dheeraj Bojwani Healthcare Consultant is a reputed medical tourism provider in India that has established strong bonds with the best hospitals in India to deliver high class medical care and services for international patients seeking their treatments. They have tied up with the best doctors and surgeons in the country who are internationally trained, well-experienced and have knowledge about the cutting edge technology and modern practices of medicine and surgery. They extend support to the foreign patients by providing the best medical services at the most affordable prices.

5. Indian Health Guru Healthcare Consultant

Indian Health Guru Healthcare Consultant

Indian Health Guru Healthcare Consultant delivers exceptionally high quality medical services to its international patients. They are affiliated with the finest hospitals, clinics, surgeons and doctors, wellness centres, diagnostic centres and resorts assuring quality services, safety and confidentiality of all their patients. This medical tourism company in India is popular for offering the best cardiac surgery, LASIK eye surgery treatments and dental surgery in India at economical rates.


Now that we have gone through the top 5 medical tourism companies in India, its important that you should consider making smart decisions by doing a little bit research ahead of going abroad for a procedure to ensure getting quality medical care and services in India.

Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer: Now What?

Overview : 

Prostate 2

As per the recent reports, there were around half million cases of prostate cancer in US alone in 2015, while 10 percent of people were seen losing their lives against this dreaded disease. The same reports suggest that 60 percent of cases are found among the patients of sixties, while it is rare in the age group of forties having the said disease. If you are unfortunate to have diagnosed with the dreaded prostate cancer then you need to know what should be your next course of action. Let’s find out the answer for the same in the following paragraphs:

What is Prostate Cancer?

Before exploring the course of action, we need to know about this cancer. Prostate cancer can be caused due to the prostate that is seen multiplying in an out of control fashion or tumor. Since it is a variable disease some tumours are seen remaining seen small and thus grow very much slowly that causes no issues for the rest of the life of man and others are too aggressive and grow a lot to turn life threatening issues.

Signs & Symptoms : 

Pro SymIn the early stage, the prostate cancer simply does not have any symptoms. Hence the men who are seen above the age of 50 are seen with the prostate cancer and they can be seen with following signs or symptoms:

  • Difficulty in passing the urine
  • The Inability to urinate
  • Too often passing the urine particularly during the night
  • Weak/ interrupted kind of urine flow
  • Experience pain while urinating
  • Find blood in the urine
  • The pain found in the lower back, upper thighs and hips

However, of all the different symptoms that can be caused due to the conditions like benign prostate enlargements. The men with all these symptoms should immediately consult a competent doctor.

Prostate Cancer Management :

At times, prostate cancer goes very slow, which do not need any treatment. However, with watchful waiting can help the patient to find the required amount of changes as per the PSA tests. Some of the commonly practiced options to manage this menace include the radiation therapy and surgery. The next option treat to prostate cancer is known as prostatectomy wherein the entire prostate gland is surgically removed, while the other options to manage the ailment including robotic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and traditional open radical prostatectomy.

Treatment for Prostate Cancer :


When it comes to the treatment option for prostate cancer, you have three options, which are discussed below:

  • Traditional Radical Prostatectomy : The treatment option for prostate cancer includes traditional Radical Prostatectomy, which is also known as Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy. It is a minimally invasive surgical removal option, which involves the latest advancements in computer technology and robotics.
  • Radiotherapy : The other options include Radiotherapy also termed as brachytherapy wherein the surgeon employs high energy rays in order to kill the cancerous cells. This can be employed in order to treat the prostate cancer for destroying the tumour in order to reduce the pain due to tumour cells that are seen spreading over the bones.
  • Hormone Therapy : The next option comes in the form of Hormone therapy wherein the division and growth of prostate cancer cells simply depend upon the androgens, drugs can be employed in order to reduce the androgen level with the block the androgens over the cancer cells. These can helps in growing the tumor but fails to kill the same, hence they have to be considered for longer time duration. But after certain stage, a majority of prostate cancer can be seen developing with the capability in order to grow without the androgens and using the hormone therapy.

Conclusion : 

Prostate cancer can be dreaded disease for men who indulged into this. Once it is diagnosed in any patient, it can be easily treated provided it remains in the earlier stage.

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Health Benefits of Weight Loss: Dr Randeep Wadhawan

Overview :


There are numbers of long-term and short term benefits that anyone can be experienced even with 5-10% weight loss although even more health benefits can be easily gained if a sufficient amount of weight can be lost to get back from being obese to a normal BMI scale range. Some of the health benefits of weight-loss which is explained by Dr. Randeep Wadhawan are improved blood glucose control, avoiding type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, improved fertility, improved healthy heart, and improved energy and vitality.

Avoid Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Being on the overweight side of BMI Scale is a major cause for type 2 diabetes. Putting on extra pounds makes it very difficult for tissues and cells to effectively respond to insulin, because the excess fat can acts just as an insulating layer, which hinders sugar to regulate properly into the cells of the body and resulting in higher blood sugar circulating levels. Leading from pre-diabetes to diabetes can easily be taken care of and can easily be preventable with the help of weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Researchers have proved that weight loss up to 7% and with the regular moderate physical exercise like brisk walking for around 2 and half hour in a week can help you to delay or prevent the symptoms of diabetes by around 58%.


Improved Blood Glucose Control

A combined research which I been organized by the University of Adelaide and CSIRO which is taken on a group of obese diabetic patients for a 12 week lifestyle changes, the research shows a simultaneous and highly significant improvement in HbA1c which is a medium term indicator of blood glucose control with effective weight loss. There are many complications that an individual with uncontrolled blood sugar level has to face which includes, strokes, chronic heart disease, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure. All these complication can significantly put on delay with the help of effective weight-loss.

Stay Heart Healthy

High cholesterol and high blood pressure is considered as the 2 major risk factors for heart/cardiac disease. Researchers have shown that excess body fat can secretes some of the naturally generating chemicals into the bloodstream which leads to high blood pressure and the liver is producing extra quantity of LDL cholesterol due to being over-weight, which sticks to blood vessels walls and causes various heart/cardiac ailments. As the individual starts losing weight, the issue of blood pressure gets eliminated and the amount of LDL has also been reduced, this can show cardiovascular improvements which in further under a study showed 12% reduction in total cholesterol, 10% reduction in LDL levels, 5% reduction in diastolic blood pressure and 8% reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Improved Fertility


Researchers with the epidemiological proofs have already shown that being on the obese side of BMI scale has a bad effect on the reproduction. The relation between obesity and infertility is yet not cleared but in a study it is suggested that excess body fat cause disturbance in sex hormones which in result disturb the fertility of human. During pregnancy being overweight is reported the major cause of increased chances of miscarriage and other medical complications, which includes gestational diabetes, hypertension, thrombosis embolism, preeclampsia and sleep apnea. In a group research that has investigated the issue of obese women and infertility has shown that even a weight loss of around 7 kgs in obese women with ovulatory infertility result in an improvement in pregnancy rate, ovulation, self-esteem endocrine parameters and pregnancy outcomes.

These are some of the health benefits of weight loss, which any individual can experience with moderate or good weight loss over a period of time under expert supervision.

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