Why Mozambique, Malawi and Chad Patients Looking for Leukemia Treatment in India?

Leukemia Treatment: Overview

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Before you talk about Leukemia Treatment in India, let’s understand Leukemia. It is nothing but as we know begins in the immature cells inside the bone marrow found in the central cavities of bones. The bone marrow is seen producing different types of blood cells-the red and white blood cells. The former carries the oxygen and other materials to the tissues of the body, while the white blood cells are the one that fights the infection, and platelets that thus it helps the blood clot. There are hundreds of billions of new blood cells that are produced in the bone marrow every day offering the body with a constant supply of fresh, healthy cells. Of late, the Leukemia Treatment in India has become the most sought options among the global patients. Patients from all across the world including Mozambique, Malawi and Chad visit for various treatments and Leukemia Treatment in India is certainly not an exception. The reasons they access to a high quality healthcare services with much of the affordable cost.

Best Price Offer for Leukemia Treatment in India

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Talking about the total expenses of Leukemia Treatment in India, it is quite affordable when compared to that offered by the developed countries like the US & UK and Canada is extremely. In fact, if you check the comparison of the treatment cost of the Leukemia Treatment in India, the cost is really less than half as of the ones found in the developed nations like that of US, UK and Canada. Even if you add the cost of travel and local stay it comes to be similar to the ones found in the respective nations. This is the key reason why more and more global patients are planning for their Leukemia Treatment in India.

Best Leukemia Surgeons in India – Best Places to know!  

Best Leukemia Surgeons

The Indian hospitals are known to offer high quality and affordable Leukemia Treatment in India with best surgeons for cancer in India. These are backed with highly competitive doctors and surgeons who are highly skilled and competitive in terms of experience and expertise. They are known for high success rate and offer high quality healthcare services with ease and professionalism. Only India is known to offer such a blend of high quality and affordability.

Why to Choose Indian Hospital for Your Leukemia Treatment?  

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There is no dearth of good hospitals in India when it comes to getting the treatments like Leukemia Treatment in India. If you are searching for top hospitals dealing with Leukemia Treatment in India then one name that appears at the top is Fortis Hospital Delhi India. Fortis has one of the best facilities, which is backed by state of art technology. The doctors and surgeons found in this hospital dealing with Leukemia Treatment in India are highly competitive in terms of expertise and experience which give the global patients enough reasons to consider the same.

Why Mozambique, Malawi and Chad Patients Looking for Leukemia Treatment in India?

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The following reason why Mozambique, Malawi and Chad Patients looking for medical treatment in India.

  1. India Offers high Quality and Affordable Treatment at LOW COST.

India is the only country to offer high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. And Leukemia Treatment in India is certainly not an exception. This attracts global patients from countries like Mozambique, Malawi and Chad the most.

  1. No Waiting Period for Treatment.

No Waiting Period for Treatment

Interestingly, the Leukemia Treatment in India comes along with a minimal wait or no wait time. This comes out to be an added benefit to the global patients from Mozambique, Malawi and Chad who are looking for a treatment on an urgent basis.

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  1. Availability of Advanced Equipment’s.

One of the key reasons why you get high quality Leukemia Treatment in India is the presence of highly competitive medical equipment and machines, which play a vital role in doing things the best.

  1. Availability of Medical Experts always.

Medical Experts

Similarly the Leukemia Treatment in India is being dealt the best with the presence of highly competitive doctors and surgeons. In fact, there is no dearth of top doctors and surgeons who leave no stone unturned to keep things going on a right track.

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Tips for Cancer Patients: How to remove Stress on Christmas

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Christmas can be stressful yet enjoyable experience for the cancer patients provided you know how to move things in a right direction. It can encompass a number of things like sending out cards to doing other things that can make the life of a cancer patient not only stressful but annoying. Though the cancer patients may never mind the stress but it can be unfair to their sufferings. For such people suffering from cancer may end up facing decompression, reflection and stress, however, the following ten tips can help you a lot, check them out:

1). Ask for Help:

You could be tired up catching the appointments with the doctor but at the same time doing a number of things like shopping and packing the gifts. Well, it is always better to ask for help and take up the loved one to get help you in things like shopping, cooking and decorating.

2). Let Go the Tiring Activities:

Just because you have been doing all the Christmas decoration on your own since long this doesn’t really mean that you would keep on doing things yet again while you suffer from this menace. The traditions can and should change in order to accommodate your emotional, mental and physical needs as per your disease.

3). Change Your Travel Plans or Social Activities and Include the Rest Time as well :

By liming the time you spend with your family one can give you more time to relax and rest. If you are feeling down and low you can rest at your place knowing ahead of your time, in other words, you need to have the access to your bedroom all the time so that you can anytime relax and rest without facing the stress.

4). Reduce the Expectations in Life:

You may not be able to find everyone that you have planned on seeing this Christmas holiday and that can be called as okay. Better be realistic about your expectations. Focus over doing the things that are simple for you and what would be most meaningful things in a longer run.

5). Set Aside me Time:

Whenever you are feeling stressed, it is hard to stay physically and emotionally strong. In order to keep yourself to be in a right pose you need to include a couple of things like exercises, eating healthy stuff and having a proper sleep in your daily routine. Make sure you lift your spirits try catching up all your favorite movies and going out to have the fresh air or even think of playing some interesting music.

6). Reduce Inflammation- Eat Plants:

In short embrace the gorgeous greens, legumes, beans, seeds, nuts and things like fruits, vegetable galore and sea veggies. Flash out the inflammatory and hormone based dairy products with the plant strong whole foods. Talking about the sugar better choose the low glycemic desserts and fruits.

7). Sleep like a Champ:

A good sleep can keep the stress at bay so make sure you have a good and restful sleep while you get healed up. This will help you in activating the regenerative capabilities of your body for sure.

8). Handle Panic & Stress Smartly:

Stress is the enemy of cancer with its increase you end up making your conditions bad to worse. So make sure you handle the same with care be it with mediation, hiking in the woods, trying some yoga or anything else, learn to handle it with care.

9). Educate Yourself:

By exploring the ways that can help you get the ease and comfort while you enjoy the festive time can help in keeping things in control. So the more you educate yourself the better would be the outcome.

10). Consult Experts:

If you feel things can go out of control make sure you seek the help of experts be it your family doctor or a competitive counsellor, they both can do the best in helping you.

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Know More About Liver Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatments

Understanding Liver Cancer


Liver cancer is the abnormal growth of the liver cells in the liver. There are several types of tumors which can develop in the liver as it is made up of various cell types. These growths are benign or malignant. Cancerous tumors may begin in the liver and spread to other areas of the body through bloodstream or lymphatic system known as metastasis. These tumors may also spread from other parts of the body such as breast or lungs, bowel to your liver.

How do I know if I have Liver Cancer?

Signs and symptoms of liver cancer often don’t show up until the later stages of the disease but may show up sooner. Most common symptoms of liver cancer are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Weight loss without trying
  • Feeling very full even after a small meal
  • An enlarged liver felt as a mass under the ribs on the right side
  • Pain in the abdomen or near the right shoulder blade
  • An enlarged spleen felt as a mass under the ribs on the left side
  • Itching
  • Swelling or fluid build up in the abdomen
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes i.e. jaundice

Some other symptoms include enlarged veins on the belly, fever and abnormal bruising or bleeding. If you go to doctor when you first notice the symptoms, then your cancer might be diagnosed earlier and treatment will most likely be helpful.

What are treatments for Liver Cancer?


Treatments for liver cancer surgery which may be used to treat the disease when the cancer is only in the liver and it has not spread. The following are types of surgery which may be used to treat liver cancer:

  • Laparoscopic liver resection : A laparoscopic liver resection will need just three or four small keyhole incisions which are similar to those routinely used in the gallbladder operations. People treated laparoscopically have much less post-operative pain, faster return to their normal activities and a shorter hospital stay than the patients undergoing traditional open surgery.
  • Liver resection : The best treatment for cancer which has not spread beyond the liver is surgical resection that will remove the part of the liver containing the tumor.
  • Total hepatectomy or liver transplantation : In some cases of people with small, early stage tumors confined to the liver or bile ducts which cannot undergo resection are considered for a liver transplant. During transplantation, surgeons will remove the diseased liver and replace it with healthy and donated organ.
  • Partial hepatectomy : Removal of the part of the liver where the cancer is found and this may be a wedge of tissue, a larger portion of the liver or an entire lobe along with some of the healthy tissue around it. The remaining liver tissue will take over the functions of the liver.

Why India is more preferable for Liver Cancer Treatment?

India is the most preferable for liver cancer treatment since we have the world class hospitals with latest advances in the Liver Cancer Surgery. Our network of oncologist work together with clinicians from a variety of specialties for developing an aggressive and personalized treatment plan that is tailored as per an individual’s needs. Further, the cost of liver cancer treatment in India is well within the budget of the patients from across the globe.

Family in Hand

Support from Forerunners Healthcare

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a leading medical value provider in India offering assistance to the medical tourists seeking for affordable cost liver cancer treatment in India. We ensure to make our patients comfortable throughout their medical journey in India. We offer the highest quality medical care and facilities for those patients arriving from across the globe to get the benefits from the Indian Cancer experts, surgeons and physicians. We also provide the same quality of medical care with similar technological solutions and cost savings of more than 50%.


Forerunners Healthcare Consultants have association with the top cancer hospitals and the best cancer surgeons India. We ensure to provide the highest quality medical treatments and surgeries for liver cancer patients. Send us your query for low cost liver cancer treatments in India.

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Contact Best Liver Cancer Surgeons in India

Best Hospital for Blood Cancer Treatment in India


Best Cancer Hospitals in Delhi NCR

The blood cancer also called as Leukemia is a dangerous disease that affects the proper functioning of infection fighting cells in the body.

Types of Blood Cancers

The main types of blood cancer are myelogenous and lymphocytic. Each of these type has an acute and a chronic form.  The acute one mainly affect cells which are immature or not have been developed fully, prevent them from maturating and function normally while the chronic develops more slowly so that body still has some healthy cells available to fight infection.

  1. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
  2. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
  3. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)
  4. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

The best hospital for blood cancer treatment in India have the latest technology, equipment, best doctors and medical staff. They offer excellent treatments for the patients with utmost care. They also boost the mental strength of the patients so as to encourage their recovery. The top hospitals for blood cancer treatment in India are located across different cities across the country.

Causes and Risk Factors of Blood Cancer

Causes and Risk Factors of Blood Cancer

Most causes are unknown some diseases liked to blood cancer are occupational exposure to chemical benzene, exposure to large amounts of high energy radiation, viral infections and cigarette smoking.

Risk factors are

  • Down syndrome and other genetic diseases
  • Previous chemotherapy
  • Human T-cell leukemia virus-1 (HTLV-1)
  • Myelodysplastic syndromes
  • Family history

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

The symptoms include

  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Fever, night sweats, chills and other flu-like symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Swollen tonsils
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Bone pain
  • Enlarged liver and spleen
  • Weight loss
  • Pinhead size red spots on the skin
  • Paleness

Diagnosis of Blood Cancer

Diagnosis of Blood Cancer

The doctor will examine the cells from the blood and the bone marrow. An initial blood test showing an abnormal white cell count will indicate th need for a bone marrow biopsy for confirming the diagnosis and identifying the specific type of leukemia.

Blood Cancer Treatment in India

The blood cancer treatment in India will depend on the type of leukemia, the extent of this disease, certain features of the leukemic cells and whether they have been treated before. The usual blood cancer treatments in India includes, biological therapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy and surgery.

Benefits of Choosing Fortis Hospital, Delhi NCR

Benefits of Choosing Fortis Hospital

The benefits of choosing the best hospital for blood cancer in India includes highest quality at affordable costs. The rate of leukemia has not changed but more patient are surviving longer due to advances in the chemotherapy and other blood cancer treatments in India. The success stories of patients with this condition has dramatically increased due to the treatments being done by highly experienced and well trained surgeons and doctors providing the blood cancer treatment in India. Almost 90% children attain remission and more than half of them are cured completely.

In adult patients treated for this condition, about 80 to 90 percent attain remission and 40% of those who do survive for at least another five years have a chance of a full cure. Patients who are being treated for AML have a 60% to 70% of remission and 20% who have survived for at least another three years have a chance of a complete cure.

Why Choose India for Best Hospital for Blood Cancer Treatment ?

best hospital for blood cancer treatment India

Choosing India for best hospital for the blood cancer treatment will provide you highest quality medical services and care within your budget. Contact Indian Medguru Consultants, a leading medical tourism company in India offering assistance to patients seeking low cost blood cancer treatment in India.

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Role of Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Overview

Cancer starts when the cells in the body begin to grow out of control. The cells in any part of the body can become cancer and this can spread to other areas of the body. Ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries. Women have two ovaries one on each side of the uterus in the pelvis and they produce eggs called as ova. They are the main source of woman’s female hormones- estrogen and progesterone. The eggs will travel through Fallopian tubes to the uterus where they may be fertilized and develop into a fetus.


Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs for killing cancer cells or shrinking the tumors. Most often the drugs are given into a vein (IV) or by mouth. Once it enters the bloodstream, they will spread throughout the body. This treatment is useful when the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries.

These drugs can also be given right into the abdomen called as an intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy which will put it in contact with the cancer cells which will allow them to be absorbed to reach the rest of the body. It works well but has more severe side effects.

Often the chemo is a combination of two or more drugs which is given in cycle of every three to four weeks. A cycle is a schedule in which the doses of a drug are followed by a rest period. Different drugs have different cycles and your oncologist will prescribe the right cycle for your chemo. Most cancer doctors in the US believe that using more than one drug works better to treat the ovarian cancer than using one drug alone.

Why most Women’s Receive Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer?

Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs which will destroy the cancer cells. The doctor will likely suggest chemotherapy for women with ovarian cancer after the surgery is the cancer is stage 1c or above. In cases you may have it for an earlier stage cancer which is high grade. For some advanced cancers, you may have chemotherapy both before and after the surgery. You can also have chemotherapy for the ovarian cancer which has come back after you were first treated.

You will most likely to receive chemotherapy for ovarian cancer through a drip into the vein. There are number of chemotherapy drugs and treatment plan that the doctor will choose depending on the stage of cancer, what chemotherapy drugs you have had before, etc.

Cost of Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer Treatment in India


The cost of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer treatment in India is 4,000 USDs as compared to the cost of chemotherapy in the USA which is $22,000.

Why India is Best place for Cancer Treatment?

India is best place for cancer treatment for the following reasons:

  1. Low Cost: The medical treatments and surgeries in India is low cost compared to the same offered by the western counterparts.
  2. Expert Oncologist: We have expert oncologists in India who are highly qualified, skilled and have been trained at the best hospitals across the world.
  3. Modern Technique: Our hospitals in India have modern techniques, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructures, latest equipments and technology to treat ovarian cancer.
  4. One on One Counselling: At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India, our team provides assistance, one on one counselling to the international patients seeking low cost ovarian cancer treatments in India.

Get the Best Support from us


Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India has association with the top cancer hospitals and expert oncologists in India offering the highest quality chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in India for the international patients. We have state of the art facilities providing benefits for the ovarian cancer treatment with a ground breaking approach and also provide access to the medical technology and the diagnostic tools.

The chemotherapy for ovarian cancer will begin with assessment by a multidisciplinary team and the Indian doctors work to establish the parameters of your current medical condition for determining the best course of treatment for the patient. Send us your inquiry to get the chemotherapy for ovarian cancer at the top cancer hospitals in India from the expert oncologists at affordable costs.

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How many Charge of Laparoscopic Fibroid Surgery in India?



Fibroids are also called leiomyomas which happen to be the non-cancerous growth of uterus giving the enlargement of the same during the childbearing years however it can even be seen at any age. Fibroids can be often called as asymptomatic in a majority of woman while these can remain very much symptomatic and can be even seen without any symptoms. However, the typical signs for the same include the heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, pain in the pelvic area, pain during sex, increased amount of urinary frequency, backache, constipation, and lower limbs pain to name a few.  India has become an important home for the healthcare services and getting the surgery like the laparoscopic fibroid operation in India is no exception. Well, let’s dig in deep into this procedure to get more about the procedure as under:

Fibroid Treatment Option with Laparoscopic Fibroid Surgery


When it comes to treatment of fibroids there are both the non-surgical and surgical options available for the women suffering from the same. So, when all the non-surgical options fail to work, the procedures like laparoscopic fibroid operation in India comes into picture. Let’s talk about this procedure. It is carried out under general anesthesia, which has simply added a new revolution in the space of gynecology surgery owing to a number of benefits like good hospital stay and faster recovery. The procedure is carried out with the laparoscope that is inserted via small size incisions depending upon the skills and the training with abdominal surgery. Once the surgeon gets the access of the uterus with the fibroids, he or she removes the same while watching over the monitor and thus removes the same.

Recovery After Laparoscopic Surgery for Fibroids


After the surgery a number of women are seen leaving the hospital the very same day of the laparoscopic fibroid operation in India. However, if the surgery is extensive enough it is recommended to stay in the hospital for a day or two. This is because the incisions are small in size while the doctors can get the opportunity to find the postoperative course linked to the minimal discomfort. As the abdominal cavity is not seen opening up to the external environment and is then well maintained from the bacteria infection that can hamper the women after the surgery. However, the risk of getting any infection after the surgery is very low. This is one of the key benefits of the laparoscopic option.

Life After Laparoscopic Surgery for Fibroids


Well when we talk about the laparoscopic surgery for fibroids the life after the surgery often go smooth and free from the pain due to the same ailment. The women having with a number of uterine fibroids are seen having large size the sited deep over the uterine wall and it should undergo the laparoscopic surgery that helps in relieving the symptoms once for all.  The women who are seen having chronic vaginal bleeding or with chronic pain owing to fibroid are seen recommended with this surgery also called the Myomectomy. The laparoscopic fibroid operation in India makes the women free from the pain and heavy menstrual bleeding and gives instant result of the surgery. The surgery also put an end to a number of other ailments which are caused due to this problem, which a childbearing woman is seen facing from the same.

Laparoscopic Fibroid Surgery in India


It is obvious to search for a helping hand in an alien land especially when you are going for a health tour. Thanks with the presence of groups like IndianMedGuru, your search for the most professional and competent medical tourism company comes to an end. The group has one of the best surgeons and doctors that deal with laparoscopic fibroid operation in India – Indianmedguru. The group has one of the best of the hospitals and clinics, which give nothing but the best to the global patients planning for the surgery for fibroids. The packages offered by laparoscopic fibroid operation in India are highly competitive in terms of quality and affordability. The company has helped hundreds and thousands of global patients with this and other surgeries giving nothing but the best to the patients flocking from a number of other places.

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Uterine Fibroids: Facts, Symptoms and Treatment – Complete Guide

What are the Uterine Fibroid?


Uterine fibroids are benign tumors which originate in the womb. They are composed of the same smooth muscle fibers as the uterine wall but they are much dense than the normal myometrium and usually they are round. They are often described based upon their location within the uterus.

The submucosal fibroids are located inside the uterine cavity beneath the inner lining of the uterus and the subserosal fibroids are located beneath the serosa which often appear localized on the outside surface of the uterus or may be attached to the outside surface by a pedicle. Intramural fibroids are located within the muscular wall of the uterus.

Uterine Fibroid Facts

The uterine fibroids are benign tumor which originate in the uterus and it is not known exactly why women develop uterine fibroids. Most women with this have no symptoms but it can causes a number of symptoms depending on the size, location within the uterus and how close they are to adjacent pelvic organs. The symptoms include pain, abnormal bleeding and pressure. Usually they are diagnosed by ultrasound or pelvic exam and the treatment include both surgical and medical treatment options.

Common Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid


Most women with fibroids have no symptoms. Abnormal uterine bleeding is the most common symptoms of uterine fibroids. If the tumors are near the uterine lining or interfere with the blood flow to the lining then they can cause heavy periods, prolonged periods, painful periods and spotting between the menses.

Women experiencing excessive bleeding due to fibroids may develop iron deficiency or anemia. Uterine fibroids which are degenerating can cause severe and localized pain. Depending on the size, location of the fibroids within the uterus and how close they are to the adjacent pelvic organs, the large fibroids causes pelvic pain, pressure, pressure on the rectum with painful or difficult defecation and pressure on the bladder with frequent or even obstructed urination.

Though the fibroids do not interfere with ovulation, as per some studies it may impair fertility and lead to poorer pregnancy outcomes. Specifically, the submucosal fibroids which deform the inner uterine cavity have strong association to decrease the fertility. Seldom, the fibroids are causes of recurrent miscarriages and if they are nor removed in these cases, women may not be able to sustain pregnancy.

Can Uterine Fibroid Lead to Cancer?

Uterine Fibroid Lead to Cancer

The rapid growth of uterine fibroids should watched carefully since a rare cancerous form of fibroid can be a fast growing tumour and this cannot be differentiated from a benign fibroid by MRI, ultrasound or other imaging studies. However, this type of tumour occurs in less than one percent of the uterine fibroids.

What are the Treatments for Removing Fibroid?

There are several treatment options to remove fibroids which include surgery such as myomectomy, hysterectomy, cryosurgery, uterine artery embolization and MRI guided high intensity focused ultrasound. The medical treatments involve medications such as raloxifene, mifepristone, GnRH analogs, danazol and low dose formulations of the oral contraceptives.

Is Hysterectomy Effective for Removing Fibroid?

There are many ways to manage the uterine fibroids and the hysterectomy is an effective surgical method to remove fibroids. The hysterectomy deals with surgical interventions by removing the uterus along with the fibroids.

Why India is Best Place for Fibroid Surgery?


Medical tourism in India offers low cost fibroid surgery to the International patients. Most patients from abroad who got their fibroids surgery in India through the best fertility surgeons have experienced positive outcomes. The cost of fibroids surgery in India is about 30 to 40 percent less than the prevailing cost of surgery in other developed nations. The hysterectomy surgery in India is $3,300 while it is $42,000 in the USA. India offers highest quality medical treatments for fibroids at the best hospitals with interdisciplinary teams of top quality surgeons and specialists who are actively committed to deliver personalized care in a comfortable and convenient ambiance.


Get in touch with us to get a low cost fibroid surgery in India and we will assist you to get the various benefits of getting your medical treatments at the latest medical facilities combined with Indian hospitality ensuring to provide a hassle free medical trip to India.

Why Should you Consider Brain Cancer Surgery in India

Brain Cancer Overview

Brain cancer is a mass of abnormal cells which start in the brain. Brain cancers are the result of abnormal growth of cells in the brain which arises from the primary brain cells that form other brain component or from the growth of cancer cells from other organs which have spread to the brain by the bloodstream i.e. known as metastatic brain cancer. The malignant tumors are cancerous which grow and spread aggressively. They overpower the healthy cells by taking their blood, space and nutrients.


Symptoms of Brain Cancer

The most common symptoms of brain cancer include weakness, seizures, difficulty in walking and headaches. Other common symptoms are vomiting, nausea, change in a person’s alertness, speech, memory or personality and blurred vision. These symptoms can also occur in people who do not have brain cancer and none of these symptoms along or in combination can predict a person has brain cancer. Cancer can occur in any part of the brain such as frontal, occipital, brain stem, temporal lobes or parietal or meningeal membranes. Few brain cancers may produce few or no symptoms such as meningeal and pituitary gland tumors.

Brain Cancer Surgery in India

India is recognized as one of the most important destinations for the brain cancer surgery. Many international patients from across the world visit India for a nice blend of top class medical expertise at affordable prices. This is one of the reason which attracts many foreign patients to seek their low cost surgery and medical treatments in India. Recently, the increasing number of patients choose their brain cancer surgery in India since we offer high end surgeries from the best Cancer surgeons in India.

The cancer hospitals in India are well equipped with the most advanced medical treatment and the brain tumor healing techniques which are competent to deliver the highest quality treatment to the foreign patients. They are well equipped with the mos extensive neuro diagnostic and imaging facilities including Asia’a most advanced CT and MRI technology. They offer you a magnitude of imaging services such as EMG, EEG, Functional MRI with Spectroscopy, Sensation 10 CT Scanner and OPMI Multivision, etc. Personalized care and attention is provided along with the value added services beside the outcome of the world class standard at a very low cost affordable to the sections of the society. Consider the brain cancer surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants having association with various hospitals with latest amenities and state of the art facilities at different cities.

International Patient Experience From Nigeria

Brain Cancer Surgery in India

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants India

The medical conditions related to the brain are very intricate. Brain cancer is a dreaded disease and the brain cancer surgery is quite complex. You should choose only the best surgeons as it may be a matter of life and death in maximum cases. Forerunners healthcare consultants is a prominent healthcare group in India which has association with the best cancer and neurosurgeons across the country. We provide assistance to the patients seeking the best medical facilities, services and care in India.

We have excellent panel of experts involving the best surgeons and doctors, a prerequisite to treat any medical condition at home or abroad. We help the international patients in arranging their medical visas, meals, accommodation and appointment with the surgeon. Our team of Forerunners healthcare consultants ensure to offer utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting the medical requirements of the patients. We offer low cost brain cancer surgery which won’t affect your financial aspect while seeking the medical treatments in India. Indian offers outstanding brain cancer surgery at about 60 to 80 percent less cost than what is prevailing in the UK and the USA. Even after considering the travel expenses, the comprehensive medical tourism packages provided by us will help you get the surgery within your budget.

Send your inquiry to enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com to avail the brain cancer surgery from the best surgeons at the top hospitals in India.


Pros and Cons of Breast Cancer Treatment in India

Breast Cancer Overview :

Breast 3

Breast cancer simply refers to any malignant tumor, which are formed within the said organ with cancerous cells. The breast is usually composed of two key kinds of tissues – glandular tissues and stroma tissues. As per reports, the breast cancer constitutes around 10.4 percent all across the world among the woman as compared to the men though it can also hamper men but more to the women. One of the ways to get rid of this kind of cancer is breast cancer surgery, which removes the cancerous cells from the breasts. India in the past few years has been recognized by global patients as the most affordable and high quality healthcare services. And breast cancer treatment in India with great affordability and quality is no exception for global patients coming from nations like Sudan. Since Sudan lacks in terms of having quality healthcare infrastructure, hence global patients from this country find India to be the most feasible choice in many ways.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer technically known as malignant breast neoplasm is a form of cancer, which is known to originate from breast tissues known for the most commonly from women’s breast of inner lining over the milk ducts or the lobules, which is known to supply the ducts with the milk. Cancer is seen originating from the ducts, which are called as ductal carcinomas that simply originate from the lobules, which are called as the lobular carcinomas. The breast cancer is among the most common kinds of malignancies that hampers the women all across the world. One of the best breast cancer treatment in India, is the surgery, which helps in removing the localized caner, which has not spread over the other areas in the body by simply removing the tumor along with removing the surrounding tissue whereas conserving much of the affected breast as possible.

Best Breast cancer treatment Option :

Breast 1

Surgery is often considered to be the best breast cancer treatment in India, which helps in removing the cancerous tissues found inside the breasts. There are different kinds of surgeries, which are considered as per the kind of the cancer and are stage. The surgeon often discusses the pros and cons of the options available for fixing breast cancer and then takes the decision on the same. One of the surgery is the breast sparing surgery, which deals in removing the cancer and not the breasts. It has a several names, which include breast conversing surgery, segmental mastectomy, lumpectomy and even partial mastectomy. At times the excisional biopsy simply serves as the lumpectomy since the surgeon simply removes the entire lump. The surgeon then removes the underarm lymph node too, with the help in removing the separate incision is made. This procedure is also known as axillary lymph node dissection, which showcases the cancer cells having lymphatic system. After this surgery, the woman often needs a radiation therapy to breasts, which helps in destroying the cancer cells remaining over the breast.

Breast Cancer Treatment in India :

India is now recognized as the top healthcare destination and breast cancer treatment in India is no exception. Every year one can find thousands of global patients from nations like Sudan where there is a dearth of quality healthcare sector. India has one of the most sophisticated kinds of cancer hospitals and medical centers, which are known to give nothing but quality cancer treatments in India including the breast cancer surgery in this country. The cancer surgeons and doctors are known to have one of the best possible exposure and experience, which is hard to find out at any other country. In other words, the country is known to give loads of benefits to the global patients coming from Sudan while accessing high quality cancer treatment options. In other words, you have more pros and less cons of choosing breast cancer treatment in India.

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Get Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India – The Most Affordable Solution

The pancreas can be called as the small organ that plays a vital role in human body. These are located close to liver that produces certain enzymes, which help in digesting the food and even help in maintain the sugar levels in human body. Insulin is produced only from the pancreas that help further in leveling the glucose in our blood. However, with issues like pancreatic tumor is seen forming abnormal mass called as neoplasm. These can be cancerous and can be fixed with a surgery as well. India is seen with higher ranks in catering high quality and affordable cancer surgeries and pancreatic cancer treatment is no exception in India. With the Lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India promised with high quality, more and more global patients are flocking to India for these surgical options. Let’s check more on this topic as under:


Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

As you are able to access the Lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India, you need to check a couple of symptoms, which are as under:

The common ones are

  • Pain seen in the stomach area, which may spread to your back
  • The Jaundice
  • Some Unexplained weight loss

While the other symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Bowel disturbances
  • Diabetes
  • Fever and shivering

Types of Pancreatic Cancer

When it comes to types of the cancer, the Pancreatic Cancer has several types. If you are having anyone of the same, you can go for the lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India as under:

  • Exocrine Tumors
  • Ductal Adenocarcinoma
  • Acinar Cell Carcinoma
  • Adenosquamous Carcinoma
  • Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm/Tumours
  • Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma
  • Pancreatoblastoma
  • Serous Cystadenocarcinoma
  • Solid and Pseudopapillary Tumors
  • Endocrine Tumors
  • Gastrinomas (Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome)
  • Glucagonomas
  • Insulinomas
  • PPomas
  • Somatostatinomas
  • VIPomas

Treatment – Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

When it comes to treatment of this kind of cancer, you have two basic surgical options that can be achieved under Lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India as under:

  • Curative Surgery – This surgery is helpful for fixing the small size tumors and is regarded as the most effective treatment option. This kind of surgery cover a number of procedures, which include Whipple’s Surgery, Pylorus-preserving Pancreatoduodenectomy, Distal Pancreatectomy and Total Pancreatectomy
  • Palliative Surgery – This cancer surgery helps in removing the cancerous symptoms along with the disorder. The surgical procedures include the treatments like Palliative Surgery, Insertion of a plastic or metal tube called a stent, Biliary Bypass, Gastric Bypass and Coeliac Plexus Nerve Block.

Why Choose Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India

When it comes to India, there is no dearth of good cancer hospitals and medical centers that are known for giving high quality and affordable cancer treatments, which certainly include the pancreatic cancer. Here you can find the lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India backed by top oncologists well trained in treating cancer. The quality of healthcare services including the cancer care in the leading oncology care hospitals are very much similar to the ones found in the developed nations like the US or the UK. India has many brands that have invested in this domain embarking with one of the best cancer care hospitals and treatment centers. These have one of the best doctors, physicians and cancer surgeons that handle a number of cases that are skilled in operating a number of complicated surgical procedures. A majority of hospitals are accredited by reputed quality groups that are known to give high quality cancer treatment.

The Cost of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India

India witnesses one of the most cost effective procedures and cancer treatments like pancreatic surgeries are no exception in this country. The treatment options come along at 60 to 80 percent less than the ones found in the developed nations like the US or the UK. This makes it the lowest price of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India making the global patients all across the world drop down to this country for this treatment option.

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