Avail Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India with High Success rate to get rid of your pain


Before we talk about the Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India, one has to get an overview of the same. Well the surgery helps in removing the intervertebral disc seen from the neck of the global patients who are seen suffering from disc bulge or with the herniated disc that are called as the Cervical discectomy. The surgery is carried out along with the cervical fusion surgery over the young patients; but for the patients who are up to 45 years of age, it is carried out alone without the cervical fusion.

Surgical Procedure

If you talk about the procedure of Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India there are several methods of doing so, however, we will discuss the standard approach. The surgeon makes an incision over the front of the neck and then removes affected disc completely to address the issues of disc fragments or osteophytes (bone spurs), which tend to press over the nerve or spinal cord. The surgeon then relieves the pressure coming over the nerves along with restoring the disc height as well. The surgery takes a few hours depending upon the case.

Choose Best Hospital for Surgery

For the effective Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India, one has to consider the best hospital for Surgery. In India one can find a wide range of good hospitals that are known to have the best of the facilities and features, which are governed by state of art facilities. So, if you are considering the Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India then you are ready to get the best doctors and hospital for the treatment.


Results and Benefits

The biggest benefit one can enjoy while choosing for Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India is that you can get rid of the pain and get relaxed with the surgery. The fact is there are several other benefits however, getting rid of the ailment and the pain happens to be the best one. Talking about the results, it has one of the best outcome that goes to around 80 to 95 percent and this depends upon the hospital and surgeon you are considering.

How can I get Treatment in India?

There are various ways of going for the Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India, however, the best and competitive way is to rely on a medical tourism company. Your search for a competitive medical consultant comes to an end with the group called Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. All you need to do is to approach them with your medical reports and the rest is their job. The company has been into this market since past one decade and carved its niche hard in this domain as a competitive group that offers the best of the healthcare services. You will get the best hospital and doctor carrying out the cervical disc replacement surgery in India as the group has one of the best resources in its network.

Connect with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants by sending queries at contact@dheerajbojwani.com or to book an online appointment call on +91 9860755000.

What is the Cost of Surgery?

If you talk about the Cost of Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India then make sure it comes to around 7000 – 8000 US$ that include all the charges like the living, travel and the treatment cost.

Services offer by Consultants

There are many services, which are being provided by the group while you consider the Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India from them. These include visa assistance, pick and drop facility, local travel, food, doctor’s appointments, and management of your entire treatment or surgery of your ailment, your medical reports and investigations. In fact you name any the group has it for you.

If you talk about the Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India then it comes out to be a win-win situation for the global patients. The reasons are obvious, you get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost, however, all you need is a competitive healthcare group that can you give you the best of the Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India.

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All Forms of Childhood Cancer Are Treated by Dr. Rahul Bhargava at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon


Cancers in kids can occur anywhere inside the body, consisting of the blood and lymph node system, brain and spinal cord, kidneys, and other organs and tissues. Cancer begins when healthy cells change and grow out of control. In most types of cancer, these cells form a mass called a tumor. A tumor can be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant, meaning it can grow and spread to different components of the body. A benign tumor means the tumor can grow but will not spread to distant parts of the body.

 Dr. Rahul Bhargava regional leader hemato oncologist offering comprehensive care

All Forms of Childhood Cancer Are Treated by Dr. Rahul Bhargava at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon-1

Dr. Rahul Bhargava Is A world renowned pediatric surgeon .He performs a high volume of surgeries every year. This interprets into a superior degree of experience and information. Dr. Rahul Bhargava best hemato oncologist in India provides highly specialized surgical treatment for children with a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Rahul Bhargava top hematologist in Gurgaon works hand-in-hand with pediatric anesthesiologists and pain management services to provide the highest level of care to our pre- and post-operative cancer patients.

Dr. Rahul Bhargava offers comprehensive care for children with cancer in India

Dr. Rahul Bhargava best hemato oncologist in Fortis gurgaon provides expert evaluation and therapeutic management plans for children with cancer, as well as psychological and social support for families and patients. He provides his patients the latest state-of-the-art therapies, using treatment protocols Dr. Rahul Bhargava top hematologist in Gurgaon offers the latest treatment options for cancer, providing care that is targeted to the special needs of children and teens. He works with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for your child’s cancer. You can rely on his expertise to guide your family through these difficult decisions to find the best possible outcome. Dr. Rahul Bhargava best hemato oncologist in Fortis gurgaon provides a vital link between families and the most current cancer information resources. He understands that cancer affects your entire family.  His method to care consists of supporting parents and kids cope with and alter to the realities of a cancer prognosis and remedy, as properly.

Dr. Rahul Bhargava treating children with cancer at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the journey that lies ahead can seem overwhelming. Dr. Rahul Bhargava best hemato oncologist in Fortis gurgaon provides a level of support that is not always available with other oncologist. He has spent his career specializing in care for all forms of childhood cancer, from the most common types of cancer to extremely rare childhood cancers. Families travel to India to Dr. Rahul Bhargava best hemato oncologist in India from around the country, and patients are referred to him from every other pediatric oncologist in India for second opinions, or for enrollment into one of our many innovative experimental clinical trials. Dr. Rahul Bhargava best hematologist fortis gurgaon offers dedicated child-life specialists who work exclusively with his cancer patients

Why Choose India Cancer Surgery Service?

India cancer surgery service is a pioneer in organizing medical tours to India. With nearly a decade’s enormous experience in medical assistance, India cancer surgery service has advanced to be a pacesetter in providing the best to people travelling for medical treatment. Upon contacting us, you’ll without delay be added for your devoted patient care manager who will answer all of your questions and assist you recognize your options with our concierge-like support through each step of your journey, from scheduling a consultation to treatment. We will help handle all the logistics of your care including scheduling, billing, and insurance. This way all you have to do is focus on your road to better health.

Whether your child has just been diagnosed with cancer, is going through treatment, or is trying to stay well after treatment, we can help you find the answers you need.

Book An Appointment With Dr. Rahul Bhargava Best Hemato Oncologist in India For appointment email-id drrahulbhargava@indiacancersurgerysite.com 
Number For Fast Track  query – +91 9371770341.

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Best Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Doctor in India

Transoral Robotic Surgery Overview

Developed by Dr Gregory Weinstein and Dr. Bert O’Malley in 2004 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (PENN), Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 2009. TORS has significantly improved the way doctors treat the head and neck cancer patients by completely removing the tumors while preserving the swallowing and speech which results in quick recovery. TORS gives the surgeon an enhanced view of cancer and surrounding tissue. Contact us to schedule your appointment with best Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) doctor in India.

Best Transoral Robotic Surgery Doctor in India

Best Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Doctor in India

The best Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) doctor in India sits in a console away from the patient and can control the arms of the robot which is strategically placed inside the mouth of the patient. The Transoral robotic surgery doctor does so while sitting in his console while an assistant sits at the head of the patient’s bed to help in whatever way might be needed. The key advantage is that it allows access to the surgeon via the mouth to the areas that where his/her hands probably couldn’t reach through the mouth itself.

Dr. Mandar Deshpande is the Consultant for Surgical Oncology (Head & Neck Oncology) at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai.He has experience in Trans Oral Robotic Surgeries (TORS).Dr. Deshpande has worked at Tata Memorial Hospital, one of the most prestigious cancer centres in the world for 13 years.Presently he is working as a Consultant of Head and Neck Services in KDAH since 8 years now.Having performed over 2000 head and neck surgeries at Kokilaben Hospital, this also includes the first Trans Oral Robotic Surgery for Oro-pharyngeal tumour in Mumbai. Dr. Deshpande is the first surgeon in the country to do Robotic assisted Neck dissections and Trans Oral Robotic surgeries. The case of large minor salivary gland tumor on base of tonguewas done with the Transoral robotic surgery (TORS), a state of the art, minimally invasive surgical technique for small tumors on the base of tongue, with the optical and technical advantages of robotic surgical instruments. Their team were able to remove a large tumor with adequate margins. And this system provided excellent visualization of the posterior part of the tongue which is not easily achievable with conventional surgery with good bleeding control and excellent post operative outcomes.

Services Offered By India Cancer Surgery Site

The following services are offered by India Cancer Surgery Site

  • Association with the internationally accredited medical facilities with latest technologies.
  • Best Transoral Robotic Surgery Doctors and hospital support staff.• Significant cost savings compared to domestic private healthcare.
  •  No Waiting Period.
  • Fluent English speaking staff.
  • Options for private room, translators, and many other tailor-made services.

Why Choose India For Transoral Robotic Surgery?

India is recognized internationally as one of very few and extremely promising medical tourism destination for Transoral Robotic Surgery. The rising number of visits by the international patients is a proof of the excellent healthcare facilities offered to them. The best doctors for Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) in India have profound knowledge about TORS and provide the patients with the finest level of the medical assistance that makes it very rewarding for them.

Call +91 9371770341 To Request An Instant Appointment with the Best Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Doctor in India. For More Details, you can also send your query to Email Address: info@indiacancersurgerysite.com.

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Low Cost of Micro Lumbar Discectomy Surgery in India: Advantageous for Numerous Medical Tourists


Traditionally, Spinal procedures meant bigger incisions, lengthy hospital stays, long recovery periods, and painful rehabilitation process. But today, a lot of merit goes to the medical advancements that progressive surgeries like the Microdiscectomy have improved this in every way.

Microdiscectomy is sometimes also referred to as Microdecompression or Microdiskectomy. Much to the relief of the patients, it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is recommended for patients suffering from Herniated Lumbar Disc. In this, the surgeon removes parts of the herniated disc to lessen or remove pressure from the spinal nerve column.

How surgery is done?

The objective of a Microdiscectomy procedure is to get rid of the disc material that is putting pressure on the nerves. The procedure is done under general anaesthesia and the patient has to lie face down. The whole process is as follows:

  • A one inch to one and a half inch incision is made on the affected disc.
  • The surgeon uses a lighted microscope to get a visual of the affected area.
  • Then the surgeon removes a small portion of bone, which protects the root nerve.
  • After this, with the help of scissor-like instrument, the surgeon removes the diseased herniated tissue, which ultimately relieves the pressure from the nerve.
  • Then, the cut is closed with sutures.
  • With the help of this procedure, the spinal nerve gets the space that its need within the spinal column, and thus the patient is relived from the pain.
  • The patient is mostly discharged the same day or the next morning.

Microdiscectomy Success Rate in India

One of the major of choosing India as the final treatment destination is the abundant availability of outstanding hospitals and the associated surgeons. These hospitals have the most modern treatment equipment and techniques available, which are at par with global standards. Also, the doctors and surgeons using these advanced treatment methodologies are highly informed and enormously experienced. The implementation of these techniques is done very cautiously ultimately giving the best results. Therefore, the success rates of Microdiscectomy in India matches global benchmarks.

What to expect after Surgery?

Patients who have undergone this surgery have reported that they have benefited enormously from this procedure. There is significant reduction of pain. Because it is a minimally invasive procedure so the recovery time is much faster and thus the patients can get back to their daily routine much sooner. So with proper care, follow up and restrictions, this procedure can prove to be immensely beneficial.

Low Cost Treatment in India

Keeping in mind that patients from all walks of life with various economic conditions are visiting India, the treatment packages planned and customized accordingly. It is a very crucial benefit for the medical tourists because they are not able to avail such cost effective packages in their own countries or in other leading nations. India offers very sensibly priced treatment options; specifically the cost of Micro Lumbar Discectomy (MLD) Surgery in India is very affordable and therefore it is today one of the most sought after medical tourism hot spots in the world.

Benefits via Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

There are massive benefits of getting treated in India. At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, we help you avail these benefits:

  • Get treated at the best Spine Hospitals of India
  • Top Spine surgeons associated with us, attend you
  • Very low Cost of Micro Lumbar Discectomy (MLD) Surgery in India
  • Quick and outstanding facilities for medical visa processing
  • Very patient friendly environment making at all the more a pleasant experience for the patients
  • Language translators to help you overcome language barriers
  • Excellent follow up services to assure complete recovery
  • Round the clock staff to look after all your treatment related requirements

Get low cost high end healthcare services with us. Contact at contact@dheerajbojwani.com or call on helpline number +91 9860755000.

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Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj Specializing In Spine And Orthopedic In Mumbai


Orthopaedics is a medical specialty that focuses on the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Orthopaedic surgeons treat problems of the musculoskeletal system. This involves diagnosis of your injury or disorder, treatment with medication, exercise, casting, surgery or other options, rehabilitation by recommending exercises or physical therapy to restore movement, strength and function, prevention with information and treatment plans to prevent injury or slow the progression of disease. 

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj Is The Best Orthopedic Surgeon Amongst In India

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj is recognized nationally and internationally for his surgical technical excellence and innovative abilities to solve both simple and difficult orthopedic problems. He provides consultation and care for the full spectrum of adult and children’s orthopedic conditions. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best orthopedic surgeon in India understands how frustrating it can be to have your life interrupted by an injury or persistent joint pain. He is highly-trained orthopedic surgeons, is committed in helping you return to your daily and sporting activities as quickly and safely as possible. He will take the time to understand the types and levels of activities that are important to you. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai will discuss all of the potential treatment options that may be best for your particular injury or condition, which may include non-surgical options such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and strength training. If surgery is the recommended course of treatment, he will thoroughly explain the procedure and provide you with all of the details you need to know, including what you can expect during your recovery.

Dr.Shekhar Bhojraj Best Spine and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj Orthopedic Surgeon At Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai Restores Stability 

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj is one of the most outstanding orthopedic surgeon in India, provides comprehensive, exceptional orthopedic care to every patient, without exception. His mission is to return patients to good health and productivity most reliably and efficiently. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj orthopedic surgeon Breach candy hospital Mumbai high surgical volume makes him the top surgeons in his fields. He is committed to providing quality, compassionate care for patients and their families. He has extensive training, experience and expertise in the treatment of diseases, abnormalities and deformities of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj orthopedician in Wockhardt hospital Mumbai provides the best and most appropriate care to each of his patients. He also gained exposure in arthroscopies of the hip. He has hundreds of grateful patients to his credit till date. 

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj Helps To Regain Movement & Strength

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best orthopedic surgeon in India is one of the few distinguished orthopaedic surgeons in India; he provides care to patients with orthopaedic conditions. He being the most patient friendly, and continuing to provide patients care that you can trust. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj is orthopedist and spine surgeon in Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. In his illustrious career of over 20 years, he gained unparalleled expertise in orthopaedic surgery in general, with special interest in the fields of shoulder, elbow and hand surgery which he is very passionate about. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj is a world renowned orthopaedic surgeon with specialization in hip, knee, and arthroscopic surgeries. He is highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon who is capable of tackling all other aspects of orthopaedics. Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj best spine and orthopedic surgeon Mumbai has to his personal credit, an experience of having performed more than 40,000 orthopaedic operations.

Why Should You Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India?

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is an ISO certified medical travel assistant company in India that provides you with the best medical tour package options so that you don’t have a doubt about your treatment when you come down to India. We recommend you doctors and hospitals and also accommodation facilities near the hospital. Doctor’s quotes and medical visa assistance are provided.  Our patient manager takes care of your medical bills and accompanies you to the hospital. From providing pick-up and drop facilities to guiding you through the sightseeing and shopping destinations of the city we provide you with everything that you need.  

We can help you find high-quality and affordable joint replacement at the best hospitals around the world. 

To book an appointment, call: +91-98604-32255

Write to us at dr.shekharbhojraj@jointsurgeryhospital.com


List of Top Class Surgeons by Your Health Condition in India

Overview: Top Surgeons in India

List of top class surgeons by your health condition in India

The List of top class surgeons in India from the most trusted hospitals in India is covered here. Get detailed information on the educational qualification, experience and other credentials of the Indian Surgeons. Indian Medguru Consultants provide assistance to book online appointment with the top surgeons in India.

List of World Top Class Surgeons by Your Health Condition in India

Check out the following list of top class surgeons in India by your health condition:

– Dr. Firuza Parikh IVF Specialist in Jaslok Hospital Mumbai

Dr. firuza parikh, best Obstetrics and Gynaecologist in India, Dr. Firuza parikh Best infertility specialist in mumbai, Dr. Firuza parikh Best gynaecologist at Jaslok hospital Mumbai, Dr. Firuza Parikh Famouse IVF specialist at jaslok hospital, Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at jaslok Mumbai, Dr. Firuza Parikh IVF specialist mumbai contact number, Dr. Firuza Parikh Infertility specialist Email Address, Book an appointment with Dr. Firuza parikhDr. Firuza Parikh IVF Specialist in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai has a distinguished career of 29 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has won several gold medals and first ranks. After returning to India, she has set up and heads the first IVF centre at Jaslok Hospital in 1989 which was within a year hailed as an outstanding international centre. To book an instant appointment with Dr. Firuza Parikh, contact via dr.firuza@indianmedguru.com.

– Dr. Veena Bhat best Gynecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon

Dr. Veena Bhat

Dr. Veena Bhat best Gynecologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon has an overall experience of over 30 years in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She was one of the team members to perform the first laparoscopic hysterectomy in India in the year 1990. To contact Dr. Veena Bhat, send your query to dr.veenbhat@indianmedguru.com.

– Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon Jaypee Hospital Noida

Dr. Rajesh Sharma

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon Jaypee Hospital, Noida has accomplished recognition for his expertise and experience. Dr. Sharma has performed over 20,000 cardiac surgical procedures in his career. Since 1991, he has performed over 10,000 cardiac surgical procedures, including surgery for both congenital and acquired heart diseases. Call +91-9860755000 to book an appointment with Rajesh Sharma Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon Jaypee Hospital, Noida.

– Dr. Rupin Shah Best Urologist Lilavati Hospital Mumbai

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Dr. Rupin Shah best urologist Lilavati hospital Mumbai has dedicated himself to Andrology that deals with male infertility and impotence. The number of implant surgery procedures to the credit of Dr. Shah alone is bigger than the combined surgery procedures of all the other Andro urologists in India. Book Appointment with Dr. Rupin Shah Call at +91-9370586696.

– Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty Best Cardiac Surgeon Narayana Hospital Bangalore

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Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty best cardiac surgeon Narayana Hospital, Bangalore is an Indian philanthropist who has also served as a member of the Board of Governors of Medical Council in India from May 2010 to May 2011. He is the best cardiac surgeon with an experience of over 25 years. Book an instant appointment with Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty by sending your query to drdeviprasadshetty@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com.

– Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni Best Laser Spine Surgeon Bombay Hospital Mumbai

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni famous spine surgeon in India, Best Laser Spine Surgeon in India, Dr Arvind Kulkarni Laser Spine, Top Spine Surgeon Bombay Hospital Mumbai, Laser Spine Specialists in Mumbai, Department of spine surgery in Bombay Hospital, Cost of Spine Surgery in Bombay Hospital Mumbai, Best spine and disc replacement Surgeon Mumbai India, Best Orthopedist in India, Mumbai Spine & scoliosis centre Address, Dr. Arvind Kulkarni Contact Number, Dr. Arvind Kulkarni Email ID, Book an Appointment with Dr. Arvind Kulkarni

Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni Best Laser Spine Surgeon Bombay Hospital, Mumbai has a vast experience in spinal surgery and has been trained in some of the top spinal centers across the globe. Dr. Kulkarni is presently attached as a consultant at Bombay Hospital which is a teaching hospital. For immediate appointment with Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni, call +91-9096436224 or send your query to dr.arvindkulkarni@neurospinehospital.com.

– Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala Best Obesity Surgeon Saifee Hospital Mumbai

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala best obesity surgeon Saifee Hospital, Mumbai started his medical career as a lecturer at his alma mater B.Y.L Nair Hospital. Later he has completed his Fellowship in Bariatric surgery from one of the leading hospitals in the world for bariatric surgery. Send your query to dr.muffi@obesitycosmetichospital.com or call us at +91-9373055368​​ to schedule a priority appointment with Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala.

– Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Best Orthopedic Surgeon Medanta Medicity Delhi

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

Dr Ashok Rajgopal best orthopedic surgeon Medanta Medicity Delhi is an extremely prolific surgeon who has been credited with around 10,000 arthroscopic and over 3,200 total knee arthroplastic surgeries. A coveted member of several bodies of knee surgeons, Dr. Rajgopal has dedicated his career to advance the techniques in the knee surgery. The latest cementless implants called Trabecular Metal implants are used routinely by Dr Rajgopal and he is the first Orthopaedic surgeon in India to perform virtual total knee replacement surgery using the Patient Specific Instruments. Get Best Opinion from +91-9860432255 to book appointment with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal.

Get Immediate Appointment with Top Class Surgeons in India by Indian Medguru Consultants

Indian Medguru Consultants is the oldest medical value provider in India having affiliations with the list of top class surgeons in India for your medical healthcare journey. They have immense expertise being trained internationally and have knowledge of the most advanced technology. For more information, call +91-9370586696 or send your query to contact@indianmedguru.com.

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Where Can African Patients Get Fibroid Removal Surgery in Delhi?

Fibroid Removal Surgery in Delhi

The fibroid removal surgery in Delhi involves the remove of the fibroids that are non-cancerous tumors arising from the smooth muscle cells of the uterus. These are solid and often microscopic as opposite to the cystic ones and they vary widely in size. The fibroids originate from the wall of the uterus and can grow to the size of a beach ball. The direction of the fibroid grow determines what type they are and what sorts of symptoms it may cause. Indian Medguru Consultants has been offering the most comprehensive fibroid removal surgery at the best hospitals in Delhi.

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Fibroid Removal Surgery Cost in Delhi – Starting From $2500*

The fibroid removal surgery cost in Delhi is quite affordable compared to the cost of the procedure in the US. This is because of the way the international economy runs. To avail the fibroid removal surgery cost in Delhi starting from $2500* contact Indian Medguru Consultants by filling up the free consultation form given on the website.

Who is the best Fibroid removal Surgeon in Delhi?

Top rated fibroid removal surgeons in Delhi are:

1. Dr. Veena Bhat

Dr. Veena Bhat is best gynaecologist at Artemis Hospital who has over 30 years of experience in the Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialty. The best fibroid removal surgeon in Delhi has an experience of 26 years in the Laparoscopy and Hysterectomy surgery. Dr. Bhat was one of the team members who performed the first laparoscopy hysterectomy in India in 1990. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Veena Bhat send your query to dr.veenabhat@indianmedguru.com

2. Dr. Anjila Aneja

Dr. Anjila Aneja is best fibroid removal surgeon at Fortis Hospital and has a 25+ years of experience. Qualified MBBS, MD, DNB-Obstetrics & Gynecology, she is presently the Director and the HOD at Fortis Hospital. Dr. Aneja has many qualifications in the National and the International journals to her credit and she also has been a teacher and guide for DBN & MRCOG students. To book a quick appointment with Dr. Anjila Aneja contact number – +91-9370586696.

African Patients Get Free Consult with Our best fibroid surgeon at fortis Delhi .

Best hospital for fibroid removal surgery in Delhi

The following are the best hospital in Delhi for fibroid removal surgery:

1. Artemis Hospital Delhi

The Artemis Hospital Delhi is a tertiary care super specialty that aims to create an integrated world class healthcare system with the best medical practices supported by the cutting edge technology. This services offered by the hospital encompasses of the comprehensive medical solutions involving the consultation, diagnosis and therapy. The facility is designed and constructed with strict accordance as per the international guidelines. Get in touch with us for quick inquiry about Artemis Hospital Delhi.

2. Fortis Hospital Delhi

The Fortis Hospital Delhi is truly world class medical facility where the patient care is warm and sensitive thus leaving them with pleasant experience. One of the leading tertiary healthcare facilities in India, the Fortis hospital ensure that the global patients get genuine medical value in health travel to India. We provide unparalleled services from our team of highly educated and experienced medical professionals using the cutting edge technologies and clinical expertise at affordable costs. Fill up the Inquiry Form given on our website, to book an instant appointment at Fortis Hospital Delhi for Fibroid Removal Surgery.

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Good Packages for African Patients for Fibroid Removal Surgery by Indian Medguru Consultants

Indian Medguru Consultants offer good packages for African patients seeking fibroid removal surgery at a total cost expenditure that would amount to significant savings. Our group is top ranked medical service provider in India offering affordable cost packages for fibroid removal surgery in India. Our association with the best hospitals and the best fibroid removal surgeons in Delhi ensures that our patients get highest quality medical care and services. Thousands of African patients from Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc. traveled to India for getting fibroid removal surgery with the assistance with Indian Medguru Consultants.

To get highest quality of treatment at affordable price for fibroid removal surgery in Delhi, Send Your Inquiry at – contact@indianmedguru.com.

Lung Cancer Treatment by Dr. Jalaj Baxi Providing Advance in Cancer Care

Overview :

Cancers of the lung, like all cancer, results from an abnormality inside the body’s primary unit of existence, the cell. The two main types of lung cancer are non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. The types are based on the way the cells look under a microscope. Non-small cell lung cancer is much more common than small cell lung cancer. Most cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer.

Surgery Options for Lung Cancer in India

During surgery your surgeon works to remove the lung cancer and a margin of healthy tissue. Procedures to remove lung cancer include:

Surgery options for lung cancer in India

  • Wedge resection to remove off a small section of lung that includes the tumor along with a margin of healthful tissue
  • Segmental resection to remove a larger portion of lung, but not an entire lobe
  • Lobectomy to remove the entire lobe of one lung
  • Pneumonectomy to remove an entire lung

If you go through surgical operation, your surgeon may also remove lymph nodes out of your chest so as to check them for symptoms of cancer. Lung cancer surgery carries risks, including bleeding and infection. Expect to feel short of breath after lung surgery. If a portion of your lung is removed, your remaining lung tissue will make bigger over the years and make it simpler to respire. Your doctor may recommend a respiratory therapist who can guide you through breathing exercises to aid in your recovery.

Experience #hassle free cancer care with Dr. Jalaj Baxi  Top Oncosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Noida

Lung Cancer Treatment by Dr. Jalaj Baxi Providing Advance in Cancer Care

Dr. Jalaj Baxi is among the best oncosurgeon in India. He has about 21 years experience in this field. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is a cancer surgeon specialised in laparoscopic cancer surgery. Known for his high integrity and artistic surgical skill, he is widely recognized in the discipline. In addition to his routine activities, he is well known in the social area for his work on cancer awareness in Noida. Dr. Jalaj Baxi has attended several national and international conferences in the past decade to be updated in the discipline and worked relentlessly to develop surgical oncology as a discipline in Noida. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is passionate about spreading cancer awareness through regular health talks, awareness drives and self examination camps.

Dr. Jalaj Baxi the Most Popular Cancer Surgeon in the World

Dr. Jalaj Baxi offers integrated cancer care in Noida. His knowledge lies in surgically treating cancers of numerous body organs & elements, acting diagnostic laparoscopic, thoracoscopic processes & therapeutic laparoscopy for colorectal. He is also good at pain and palliation management in terminal cancers. Dr. Jalaj Baxi provides the highest standards of care, where consultants practice evidence-based medicine and follow international treatment protocols. Jalaj Baxi offers treatment options with patient and family, which are tailor-made for each patient. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is actively involved in care of incredibly diverse group of patients with cancer.  He targets cancer with unmet needs in a world-class facility at Fortis Hospital in Noida. He is one of the pioneers of laparoscopic cancer treatment in India. He is widely experienced in open, laparoscopic and robotic cancer surgeries.

Why India Cancer Surgery Services

India cancers surgery services is India’s biggest company  has been playing the maximum critical function over years in arranging cancer treatments and oncology surgery for international patient in India. When it comes to treating cancer, India cancer surgery services is considered one of the best in the world today. India  cancers surgery services  in affiliation with the exceptional most cancers hospitals in India and quality oncology doctors of India provides most cancers treatment and oncology surgical treatment according with international norms and standards. India cancer surgical procedure services empanelled cancers hospitals in India are definitely equal to the extent of the European standard; however our prices are below are most affordable for any cancer treatment in India. India cancer surgery service’s associated cancer hospitals are not only equipped with the latest technology to fight cancer, but also have a team of world-class cancer specialists / Onco surgeons who possess all the traditional, modern and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, the leaders of every surgical team trained and worked for a long time in the US, Western Europe and Australia, as well as qualified to work both abroad and in India.

We can help you find high-quality and affordable cancer care at the best hospitals around the world.

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Kidney Cancer Treatment By Dr. Vedant Kabra in Delhi Helps to Fight Cancer


Kidney most cancers also called renal cancer — is a sickness in which kidney cells come to be malignant and develop out of control, forming a tumor. Almost all kidney cancers first appear in the lining of tiny tubes in the kidney. This type of kidney cancer is called renal cell carcinoma.

Treatments For Kidney Cancer in India

The treatment for kidney most cancers relies upon on the size of the most cancers and whether or not it has spread to other elements of the body. The main treatments are:

  • Surgery To Remove Part or The Entire Affected Kidney – This is the main treatment for most people.
  • Cryotherapy or Radiofrequency Ablation – Where in the cancerous cells are destroyed with the aid of freezing or heating.
  • Biological Therapies – Medications that help stop the cancer growing or spreading.
  • Embolisation – A procedure to cut off the blood supply to the cancer.
  • Radiotherapy – The use of excessive-electricity radiation to goal most cancers cells and relieve signs.

Outlook For Kidney Cancer in India

The outlook for kidney cancer largely depends on how big the tumor is and how far it has spread by the time it’s diagnosed.  If the most cancers is still small and hasn’t unfolded beyond the kidney, surgical treatment can often cure it. A few small, slow developing cancers may not need treatment in the beginning.

Dr. Vedant Kabra is Committed To Serve in India With The Best Facilities

Cancer has, now-a-days, become the most commonly occurring disease.  Dr. Vedant Kabra, with the state of the art equipment, facilities and experienced staff, is wholly committed to highly personalized and comprehensive cancer care. Patient centric focus, multidisciplinary method, customized, price powerful solutions with utmost care to all clinical needs of the affected person coupled with administrative needs are meticulously looked into by Dr. Vedant Kabra. He provides integrated cancer treatment facilities to the medical tourists. He delivers the highest quality and advanced oncology care in a supportive and compassionate environment to all his patients. Book a prior appointment with Dr. Vedant Kabra best surgical oncologist in Gurgaon on Contact Number: +91-9860755000.

The Highest Quality Of Cancer Care With Dr. Vedant Kabra in Delhi

Kidney Cancer Treatment by Dr. Vedant Kabra in Delhi Helps to Fight Cancer

With Dr. Vedant Kabra the sole focus is to cure cancer. He follows the current standards of care and treatment protocols for each type and stage of cancer. Dr. Vedant Kabra has unprecedented expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer and he uses the latest technology and the most innovative, advanced therapies to increase the chances of a cure. He continuously invests in new technologies that have been proven to enhance cancer analysis and treatment, making sure that his patients has get entry to to the quality care viable. His mission is offer advance patient care, education and research continuously to change the course of cancer care. Dr. Vedant Kabra strongly believes that targeting different tumor escape mechanisms can change the way he treat dreadful diseases such as cancer, because combination is the key.

Why India Cancer Surgery Services?

India cancer surgery services have attained extremely good growth & reputation for itself internationally with support of its exquisite medical provider services. A massive number of patients from numerous nooks and corners of the world consisting of America, Europe, center East, Latin the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, SAARC international locations, and many others. Decide on and extensively advise us as a health provider issuer because of our tremendously professional working methods. Following are some of our qualities that have enabled us to attain enviable success:  Taking whole care of transportation, tour, accommodation & health of patient and their families pleasant, knowledge ableand honest professionals clarity in business guidelines affordable charges.

Our Team

Our team comprises:

  • Tour & travel agents
  • Doctors
  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Nursing staff
  • Hotel booking agents
  • Logistic professionals etc.

Our Mission
India cancer surgery service is working with the mission to become a one-stop destination, where patients, hospitals, clinics, employers, insurance companies, information and medical tourism providers come together. Cause in the back of this is to provide those companies a smooth, unbiased and private area of medical and health provider in India.

Request a Quote From Us: An India cancer surgery service is the most preferred medical provider in India. If you are looking for a one step solution to all your medical concerns, India cancer surgery service is right there to help you.

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Specialized Spine Surgery Packages in India for African Nation


Before we talk about the spine surgery India cost benefits, we need to get an overview of this surgery. Well, back pain is regarded as one of the common types of health issues, which have been prevalent everywhere. The long hours of sitting with wrong postures can give issues like this. Most of the time it can be resolved with several non-surgical methods, however, if things do not work, you end up going for the spine surgery. This is generally called as the last resort, which can be fixed seeking the help of competitive healthcare professionals. Indian hospitals have become the most preferred destination for the global patients coming from a wide range of nations for various healthcare services for the reason that they get quality services at much of the affordable cost. So, it is the spine surgery India cost benefits, which bring in loads of global patients here.

Types of Spine Surgery

The doctors often recommend the type of surgery depending upon the kind of health issues you have and some of the spine surgeries are indicated as under, how about checking them in brief.

Foraminotomy: This kind of surgery often involved removing away of the tissues, which are seen compressing the nerves over the back. During this surgery, you can find the surgeon removing certain parts of the bone along with constricting the nerves seen over the spinal cord. The stability of the spine when seen getting affected it can be made stable with the procedure called spinal fusion.

Laminectomy: This is among the most popular spine surgery, which helps in fixing the final conditions, which are caused to due to the issues like spondylolisthesis and stenosis. This surgery often involves I removing upon the certain portion over the back bone along with giving you freedom from the pressure over the spinal nerves. The surgery is carried out in combination of spinal fusion and other methods.

spine surgery africa

Spinal disc replacement: Though one can find this surgery a popular choice but yet it can be seen only for the new treatment surgical options for the back pain. With artificial disc the doctors are able to replace the damaged spinal disc that are seen presenting between the vertebrae. This surgery often is seen allowing the spine mobility and can be carried out without the spine fusion.

Spine Fusion: This spine surgery often involves joining of the two vertebrae together which is done to add stability to the spine. This simply results in the restricted movements and limits stretching of nerves.

Discectomy: This kind of spine surgery which is used to fix the herniated disc over the vertebrae. With the disc one can find vertebrae getting separated and is seen making the pressure towards the opposite side that eventually removes the pain. In this surgery one can find all kinds of portion being removed.

Cost of Spine Surgery

If you talk about the cost of the spine surgery, which gives the huge benefits in this country called India, then you have much of the affordable cost. Like for instance the surgery called Microsurgical or Endoscopic Discectomy can cost you around USD 6500, besides other one called Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion can cost you around 8,000 USD. The Nucleoplasty or Percutaneous Discectomy can cost you around 8,000USD.

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Why Choose Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants for Spine Surgery?

One of the basic reasons to consider this group for your healthcare services is due to the spine surgery India cost benefits. The group has come a long way in proving its mettle hard over the medical tourism industry. It offers one of the best doctors and surgeons along with getting you served at one of the best hospitals that are known to have the state of art facilities.  This is because it has one of the best doctors, surgeons and medical experts along with top hospitals and clinics in your network that give you the best of the spine surgery services in India.

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