Knee Replacement Surgery in India – A Boon For Severe Knee Pain Patients

The knee is the most complex joints in the body that joins the thigh bone(femur) to the shin bone(tibia). Knee pain is the most common complaint, especially in aged patients. Sometimes injury can even take the shape of knee pain that can result in knee replacement surgery. Medical conditions like arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, and haemophilia are even responsible for worsed conditions of knees. Knee replacement surgery in India can help relieve the pain and discomfort in Patients.

Knee Replacement Surgery in India

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery In India?

It is a procedure to replace the damaged knee with the artificial joint which is also known as knee arthroplasty. Knee replacement is necessary when the knee joint is damaged or worn, which reduces your mobility and it becomes painful while walking, sitting, getting up or even while resting. In India there are two types of surgery, one is total knee replacement which includes replacing both the knees and other one is partial knee replacement which involves replacing only one side of the joint in a smaller operation with the short hospital stay and faster recovery.

Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery In India

India is known to provide cost-effective surgeries in private hospitals, offering treatment at a fraction of the price. A Cost of Knee replacement surgery in India is lesser than the cost in other developed countries. Knee surgeries regain your mobility making you walk without difficulty and enabling you to take advantage of various medical options provided by the surgeons. The average cost, when compared to top hospitals of India for knee replacement surgery is $4,000 to $7,500 that is comparably lower than the cost in western countries with the facilities that can serve patients with care.

Top Surgeons For Knee Replacement in India

As knee replacement surgery is most demanding due to a huge population visiting India for operations. The top knee surgeons in India are highly skilled and have bettered in their performance after serving for years. Around the world the doctors mentioned below are highly mentioned when it comes to knee replacement surgery.

1. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal – India’s Top Knee Surgeon

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

He is a renowned surgeon in knee replacement, and he has performed around 10,000 arthroscopic surgeries and more than 3,200 total knee arthroplasty surgery. He has been awarded for performing successful knee surgeries. He has expertise in joint replacement surgery and has dedicated his career to advancing the techniques with new technologies in knee surgeries. He takes care of patients that visit his clinic with understanding the pain that’s causing them and gives better surgical knowledge that can guide them for better results.

2. Dr. Prakash Doshi – Mumbai’s Best Knee Surgeon

Dr. Prakash Doshi -

30 years of experience made Dr. Prakash Doshi the Best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. He is world-renowned and most trusted senior orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai and specialized in minimally invasive knee, shoulder, arthroplasty surgery. Dr Prakash Doshi finished his medical schooling in the field of orthopedic surgery. He performed larger number of surgeries in patients with no waiting time. He is the best orthopedic surgeon awarded and has made his name by a huge success. He is currently associated with Nanavati Hospital Mumbai, and his knowledge and humility made his patients pleased with his services.

Success Story of Knee Replacement Surgery In India

40 years old Mrs. Olivia from Australia went for second knee surgery with the niggling knee problem and it required six weeks of intense rehabilitation for recovery. The second knee surgery was a tough decision to make as it has already cost a lot of dollars but the ain was still unbearable. Doctors told her that there was only one way that was another knee surgery that brought her to India and she is thankful for making India the best decision for her knee surgery. She interacted Tour2india4health by watching an ad that made her connect to their consultants, they have helped her with frequent follow-ups and proper care before and after the surgery with booking an appointment without waiting. She enjoyed her journey to India and is out of surgery and healing steadily.

Why Choose India For Knee Replacement Surgery?

India has grown in the medical sector with the top hospitals and surgeons that are connected with Tour2india4health site, as they are the network of top hospitals and helps international patients to have knee replacement surgery in India. Tour2india4health is a pioneer in connecting the Top hospitals and surgeons for Knee Replacement in India that helps in providing the Knee Replacement in India at a low cost. You just have to fill the free consultation form on the site and within 24 hours you will get a call from the expert team that will provide you with further details. They will have frequent follow up before and after your knee replacement surgery. Experts will take care of everything with arranging medical visa, accommodations, appointment booking, medical tourism, pick and drop facility from the airport. All the facilities will help you to have a safer and cost-friendly journey.

Watch Video Our Australia Patient Knee Replacement Surgery Experience in India

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