Pediatric Surgery in India – Supreme International Patients Choice!

What is Pediatric Surgery?

Pediatric Surgery involves surgery of fetuses, Infants, Adolescents, children’s and young adults. Children’s with abnormal growth, birth defect, and serious injuries need pediatric surgery in India. Pediatric Surgeons are well trained for children’s and know how to handle a child who can’t even speak and tell his problems that are bothering him. It even involves a surgical operation.

Pediatric Surgery in India

Common Pediatric Surgery Include

  • Appendicitis
  • Biliary Artesia
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Reproductive disorders

Some Surgeries that are Categorized as Per Pediatric Surgeons Depending on Childs Condition are-

  • Major Surgery

It involves surgery of the head, neck, chest or abdomen. The recovery time is more and may involve staying in the hospital for several days. This type of surgery has complications involved

  • Minor Surgery

It involves a surgery where recovery time is short and the child rapidly returns to its usual state may be within a day. The complication rate is low.

  • Elective Surgery

In elective surgery, parents decide if child should go for this surgery or not. This surgery includes removal of birthmark.

  • Emergency Surgery

This surgery involves emergency medical need or repair of injured internal organs

Patient Success Story: Congo Patient’s Life Turning Experience After Pediatric Surgery In India

Treatments Available in Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgeons are doctors who are specialized in the surgical treatment of conditions affecting children’s. The pediatric surgeons will first diagnose the condition then they will offer the best treatment plan. Some of the condition and treatment involved are-

  • Appendicitis

It’s a condition in which the appendix is infected or inflamed.

Treatment involves removing the appendix surgically through either minimally invasive surgery via laparoscopy or a more traditional surgical method.

  • Biliary Artesia

It’s a condition in which bile, does not empty from the liver due to a congenital malformation. Surgery is performed to reconstruct the bile ducts and reattach them to the liver.

  • Hernia

It is the most common condition found in children’s. As a hole in the groin does not close after birth the treatment is required. 

The treatment involves surgery of the herniated tissues to put back in its correct location and the opening or weakness in the muscle wall is closed or repaired.

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux

It’s a condition in which food and the digestive juices flows back to the esophagus.

Treatment includes tightening of the area at the end of the esophagus that allows food to travel into the stomach but not flow back to the esophagus.

Cancer is a major disease and some kind of cancer diseases found in children’s are

  • Hepatoblastoma

  It is cancer of the liver.

  Treatments include removing part of the liver.

  • Neuroblastoma

It is cancer found in the abdomen around the kidney area.

Treatment involves removal of the cancerous area in the abdomen.

  • Wilms’ Tumor

Cancer found in the kidney. Treatment consists of removing part of or the entire kidney through a surgical procedure.

How much does Pediatric Surgery Cost?

Cost of pediatric surgery in India is reasonable which is 60-70% lower as compared to the cost of other developed countries. The cost will vary depending on surgery doctor suggest, traveling charges, food and stay, surgeons and hospitals charges will vary accordingly.

The Success Rate of Pediatric Surgery 90% To 95%

Pediatric surgery in India is done by highly skilled professionals who can deal with major and complex diseases and has 2 years of extra medical schooling where surgeons are taught to handle a child who is newborn to a child who is adults. Due to their highly skilled training, the success rate is higher in India.

Why International Patients Supreme Choice of India?

Affordable Pediatric surgery in India differs according to advanced medical treatment with reduced cost, with advanced medical facilities medical tourism is growing in India. Most treatment found is one-tenth of reduced cost in India than other countries. Despite India’s diversity in language English is a language that is widely spoken.

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