Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai benefits Patients from Underprivileged Corners of the World

“Hello, I am Caroline from Tanzania. It was quite some time that I was facing symptoms like weakness and severe fatigue, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms. Even after taking medication, the symptoms would come back. After undergoing some initial tests, the doctor suggested that I undergo a Bone Marrow Biopsy for a confirmation. The outcome of the tests revealed that I was suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia.”

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai
Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai

“It was a very unfortunate situation for me and my family as we were not able to find the right cure for it in our country. I started with Chemotherapy, but it was very burdening for my family to bear the expenses. In these circumstances, I thought of finding out other countries where I could the treatment for more reasonable costs. While searching for the same, I observed that the Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai is very sensible as compared to other countries. I researched further about Medical Tourism in India, and the group name Indian Med Guru Consultants showed. This group’s services are focused on planning Medical Tours for international patients looking for treatment in India. I went through their website and found that they have detailed services for patients requiring treatment facilities for Leukemia or Blood Cancer.”

“The packages offered by this group are extremely well-thought-out and all-inclusive in nature, which made it very easy for me to go ahead and finalize my treatment in India. After I sent my queries at the e-mail id that is given on the group’s website, their representative got in touch with me. He resolved most of my queries and sent me an email with other details of their packages. He asked me to send my medical reports so that they could those evaluated by a Blood Cancer specialist in India. Once this was done, I was informed that my treatment would be arranged at one of the best hospitals in India.”

“Once I gave confirmation, the group arranged visa letter for me and my travel companion, accommodation in Mumbai India where I was going to stay throughout my treatment, sent the travel tickets, handled all the coordination with the hospital, and made all the other associated arrangements. Once everything was settled, on the mentioned date, I traveled to Mumbai with my companion, for my treatment. On reaching the Mumbai airport, we were straightaway taken to the hotel. After we were settled, the representative came the next day, on time, to take me to the hospital, where my treatment had been arranged. I loved the hospital’s ambiance, which looked very polished and updated. The representative from Indian Med Guru introduced me the Blood Cancer specialist, who approached me in the sensible and friendly manner. I liked the way he explained to me the whole treatment process and ensured the best results.”

“On the decided date, the surgeon performed the surgery and removed my Spleen, because Blood Cells had accumulated and caused the Spleen to swell. The surgery was successfully done but the after cure was even more important, which the surgeon was extremely careful about. He prescribed proper medications and also helped me during the rehabilitation period and ascertained that I did not face any complications. The nursing staff too was extremely sensible and caring in their approach. Once the treatment the over, the diagnostic tests were repeated to find out how the treatment has worked. The surgeon was very happy to see the outcome and soon gave a nod that I could travel. Thus, I had a very comfortable recovery time and was very happy with the overall treatment experience.”

“The group’s representative was there all throughout this process and was constantly following up till I was back home. Thanks to the affordable Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai, which was made possible by Indian Med Guru, I could come out a very difficult health condition, which me and my family had assumed, would be impossible. Last but not the least, I extend my gratitude to the Blood Cancer specialists of Mumbai, who with his proficiency gave me a fresh lease of life.”


Caroline from Tanzania

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