Lung Cancer Treatment by Dr. Jalaj Baxi Providing Advance in Cancer Care

Overview :

Cancers of the lung, like all cancer, results from an abnormality inside the body’s primary unit of existence, the cell. The two main types of lung cancer are non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. The types are based on the way the cells look under a microscope. Non-small cell lung cancer is much more common than small cell lung cancer. Most cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer.

Surgery Options for Lung Cancer in India

During surgery your surgeon works to remove the lung cancer and a margin of healthy tissue. Procedures to remove lung cancer include:

Surgery options for lung cancer in India

  • Wedge resection to remove off a small section of lung that includes the tumor along with a margin of healthful tissue
  • Segmental resection to remove a larger portion of lung, but not an entire lobe
  • Lobectomy to remove the entire lobe of one lung
  • Pneumonectomy to remove an entire lung

If you go through surgical operation, your surgeon may also remove lymph nodes out of your chest so as to check them for symptoms of cancer. Lung cancer surgery carries risks, including bleeding and infection. Expect to feel short of breath after lung surgery. If a portion of your lung is removed, your remaining lung tissue will make bigger over the years and make it simpler to respire. Your doctor may recommend a respiratory therapist who can guide you through breathing exercises to aid in your recovery.

Experience #hassle free cancer care with Dr. Jalaj Baxi  Top Oncosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Noida

Lung Cancer Treatment by Dr. Jalaj Baxi Providing Advance in Cancer Care

Dr. Jalaj Baxi is among the best oncosurgeon in India. He has about 21 years experience in this field. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is a cancer surgeon specialised in laparoscopic cancer surgery. Known for his high integrity and artistic surgical skill, he is widely recognized in the discipline. In addition to his routine activities, he is well known in the social area for his work on cancer awareness in Noida. Dr. Jalaj Baxi has attended several national and international conferences in the past decade to be updated in the discipline and worked relentlessly to develop surgical oncology as a discipline in Noida. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is passionate about spreading cancer awareness through regular health talks, awareness drives and self examination camps.

Dr. Jalaj Baxi the Most Popular Cancer Surgeon in the World

Dr. Jalaj Baxi offers integrated cancer care in Noida. His knowledge lies in surgically treating cancers of numerous body organs & elements, acting diagnostic laparoscopic, thoracoscopic processes & therapeutic laparoscopy for colorectal. He is also good at pain and palliation management in terminal cancers. Dr. Jalaj Baxi provides the highest standards of care, where consultants practice evidence-based medicine and follow international treatment protocols. Jalaj Baxi offers treatment options with patient and family, which are tailor-made for each patient. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is actively involved in care of incredibly diverse group of patients with cancer.  He targets cancer with unmet needs in a world-class facility at Fortis Hospital in Noida. He is one of the pioneers of laparoscopic cancer treatment in India. He is widely experienced in open, laparoscopic and robotic cancer surgeries.

Why India Cancer Surgery Services

India cancers surgery services is India’s biggest company  has been playing the maximum critical function over years in arranging cancer treatments and oncology surgery for international patient in India. When it comes to treating cancer, India cancer surgery services is considered one of the best in the world today. India  cancers surgery services  in affiliation with the exceptional most cancers hospitals in India and quality oncology doctors of India provides most cancers treatment and oncology surgical treatment according with international norms and standards. India cancer surgical procedure services empanelled cancers hospitals in India are definitely equal to the extent of the European standard; however our prices are below are most affordable for any cancer treatment in India. India cancer surgery service’s associated cancer hospitals are not only equipped with the latest technology to fight cancer, but also have a team of world-class cancer specialists / Onco surgeons who possess all the traditional, modern and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, the leaders of every surgical team trained and worked for a long time in the US, Western Europe and Australia, as well as qualified to work both abroad and in India.

We can help you find high-quality and affordable cancer care at the best hospitals around the world.

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