Medical Treatment in India For Zimbabwe Nationals: A Boon for Zimbabweans


India’s position as a healthcare destination is known globally and appreciated worldwide today; especially for Cancer treatment. There are many countries from where medical tourists are coming to India for getting treated; particularly from developing countries like Zimbabwe. The healthcare system in Zimbabwe is affected due to many loopholes and because of this the population of Zimbabwe has to suffer. But thanks to the continually developing medical tourism, now Zimbabwe patients can avail the advantages of the Cancer treatment facilities in India.

Medical Treatment In India For Zimbabwe Nationals

Medical Treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals

India’s popularity as a matured medical tourism hub is known worldwide today. Indian hospitals have a wide variety of treatment options for every kind of ailment, extremely qualified and skilled doctors, who can deal with the most complex type of health issue, most modern techniques are used to cure the Zimbabwe patients and also the waiting time is very low rather almost nil. Further, Medical Treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals is very reasonable priced, which makes it easier for the Zimbabwe patients. For example, the cost of Heart Bypass surgery is $1,23,000 in USA, while in India it costs $7,900; similarly the cost of Spinal Fusion surgery is $1,10,000 in USA, whereas in India it is $10,300. Thus, there are major cost differences for every procedure.

Medical Tourism To India From Zimbabwe

The healthcare system of Zimbabwe is not a developed one and it doesn’t meet the expectations of the Zimbabwe Nationals. There are huge deficits and issues like insufficiency of medical personnel, malfunctioning of medical equipment, excessive migration of experienced medical staff for better opportunities, far away located healthcare centers and many other problems.

That’s how there has been a substantial rise in medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe. Several Zimbabwe Nationals are visiting India to get cured owing to the easy availability of the finest kind of medical services. Medical treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals is proving to be very rewarding for the Zimbabweans.

Why Opt For India Cancer Surgery Services

Oncology is a very matured specialty in India, which has reached new horizons of progress. The Cancer cure services offered by India are very relieving for the Zimbabwe Nationals, meeting their expectations. Thus, Medical treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals has proven to be very beneficial for innumerable Zimbabweans. India Cancer Surgery Services understands the importance of the Cancer related needs and also the urgency associated with the disease. We, at India Cancer Surgery Services are doing our best to serve the Zimbabwe Nationals so that they keep availing the benefits of medical treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals.

  •  Our guidance helps the Zimbabwe patients to choose the best Cancer hospitals and the array of treatment options related to Cancer
  • So that the Zimbabwe patients feel comfortable about the prices of the Cancer procedures, we specially guide them about the cost effective treatments for Cancer available in India
  • We keep an ethical and transparent approach so that the Zimbabwe patients find us reliable
  • We do our best to fulfil  all their medical requirements so that they feel the most comfortable .
  • Our round the clock support staff is there to assist the Zimbabwe Nationals in obtaining medical visa from Zimbabwe to India easily.
  • We, at India Cancer Surgery Services ensure that the Zimbabwe patients are attended by the best Cancer surgeons associated with the best Cancer hospitals of India .
  • We do our best so that medical treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals turns out to be the best decision for them.
  •  Our follow up services are up-to-date and totally equipped to ensure the good health of the Zimbabwe patients, even when they are back in their country .


As per industry statistics, medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe has been rising steadily with every passing year. Thanks to the advancement in Indian healthcare system, the Zimbabweans are finding the solution to all their health problems in India. The Indian hospitals are ensuring that the Zimbabweans are looked after by capable hands and go back home completely cured.

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