Lymphoma Treatment Cost in Cameroon Dollars


Around half the blood cancer cases are of lymphoma which is type of blood cancer affecting our immune system. Though it is said to be common in young people but it can attack anyone at any age. If you or your loved one is diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, you should not worry as today it is curable and manageable when dealt and treated on time. Records show that the survival rate of lymphoma patients is significantly higher as they can live long and controlled life after being diagnosed.

Lymphoma Treatment Cost in Cameroon Dollars

It is quite necessary to be aware about the lymphoma cancer type and take timely well informed treatment decisions for better outcomes. Lymphoma affects the lymphatic structure which is part of immune system in the body. The cancer starts in the healthy lymphocyte cells which are infection-fighting cells of the body where they multiply abnormally and collect in the lymph nodes spreading throughout the body and affecting the organs such as spleen, liver or even the bone marrow. These abnormal growth of cells damage the immune system and cause lymphoma.

Basically, there are two types of lymphoma- Hodgkin lymphoma which is not very common and non-Hodgkin lymphoma which is most common and either a high grade that grow quickly and slow grade that grow slowly. It is utmost vital to choose the best hospital and the right doctor for lymphoma treatment in India. Indian Medguru Consultants aids the Cameroon patients seeking the lymphoma treatment cost in Cameroon dollars as per their budget.

Lymphoma Treatment Cost For Cameroon Citizens

Lymphoma treatment cost in Cameroon dollars is quite affordable in India than the cost of the treatment in the United States. A combination of factors has lead to the increasing popularity of medical tourism in India and these include the easily affordable international travel from Cameron, latest technology, modern equipment, favorable exchange rates in the global economy and superior internationally accredited standards of medical services and care. The cost of lymphoma treatment varies as per the hospitals and cities in India. A cycle of chemotherapy for lymphoma treatment cost in Cameroon dollars is around 516,271 to 8,326,944 depending on the doses, drugs, types of cancer and patient’s medical condition.

Best Hospital Lymphoma Treatment For Cameroon National

Fortis Hospital in India is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider with upgraded diagnostic and day care specialty facilities. Our hospital has approximately 10,000 potential beds and 314 diagnostic centers across 45 healthcare facilities located in India, Mauritius, Dubai and Sri Lanka. Our hospital has well trained highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurses providing extensive care and support to the patients from Cameron.

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Success Rate of Lymphoma Treatment in India for Cameroon Patients

The success rate for lymphoma treatment in India is quite high. The ten year survival rate for all people with this disease is 80%. However, these may vary as per the stage and sub type of the disease.

Since the phenomenon of medical tourism is increasing rapidly across the globe, patients from Cameroon seek the lymphoma treatment in India. Indian Medguru Consultants have been assisting the patients from Cameroon to get their lymphoma treatment at the best Indian hospitals such as Fortis Hospital that have the most advanced diagnostic technologies and treatments. We have multidisciplinary team of medical professionals such as hematologists, radiologists, pathologists, nuclear medicine physicians, radiation and medical oncologists and nurses providing excellent medical services and care. The Indian doctors are renowned for extending personal care and interaction with their patients and have immense experience to handle the lymphoma cases.

To Get a Quick response for lymphoma treatment for Cameroon Citizens, Contact us at or Call us at +91-9370586696.

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