Breast Cancer Treatment with Dr. Vedant Kabra in Delhi Giving a New Beginning for Thousands of People Who Got Cured


Breast cancer is a disease that occurs when cells in breast tissue change and keep reproducing. These abnormal cells usually cluster together to form a tumor. A tumor is cancerous when these abnormal cells invade other parts of the breast or when they spread to other areas of the body through the bloodstream or lymphatic system, a system of vessels and nodes in the body that plays a part in battling disease. Breast cancer usually starts in the milk-producing glands of the breast or the tube-shaped ducts that carry milk from the lobules to the nipple. Less often, cancer begins in the fatty and fibrous connective tissue of the breast.

Types of Breast Cancer Treatment In India

Breast cancer is treated in several ways. It depends on the kind of breast cancer and how far it has spread. People with breast cancer often get more than one kind of treatment.

Surgery :An operation where doctors cut out cancer tissue.

Chemotherapy:Utilizing special medications to shrink or kill the cancer cells. The medications can be pills you take or medicines given in your veins, or sometimes both.

Hormonal therapy: Blocks cancer cells from getting the hormones they need to grow.

Biological therapy: Works with your body’s resistant system to enable it to battle cancer cells or to control side effects from other cancer treatment.

Radiation therapy: Using high-energy rays (similar to X-rays) to kill the cancer cells.

Dr. Vedant Kabra Top Cancer Surgeon in India Provides Excellent Comprehensive Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Treatment with Dr. Vedant Kabra in Delhi Giving a New Beginning for Thousands of People Who Got Cured

Dr. Vedant Kabra Top Surgical oncologist in Delhi NCR. He specializes in providing medical, radiation and surgical cancer treatments. He has remarkable experience in research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. His experience draws patients from all over the world. He provides quality healthcare and treatments to its patients. International standards are followed while conducting all types of cancer surgeries in well equipped operation theatres. Dr. Vedant Kabra works closely to develop the best cancer treatment program for you. Dr. Vedant Kabra offers you the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options for breast cancer, no matter how common or complex the cancer type. He is a compassionate, world-renowned surgeon who is pioneering new ways to bring you the best care for breast cancer.

Dr. Vedant Kabra Top Surgical Oncologist In Delhi NCR Offers For The Best In Breast Cancer Care

  • Specialized expertise in treating all types of breast cancer from early to advanced stages.
  • Advanced treatment choices in breast cancer surgery, radiation, and therapeutic treatment with the most recent techniques research brings to the table.
  • Clinical trials that can offer you earlier access to new developments in breast cancer treatment.
  • Comprehensive services to enable you and your family to concentrate on health and recuperating.
  • Easy access to imaging services, outpatient radiation and infusion therapy, and other services in multiple locations.

Why You Should choose India Cancer Surgery Services for Cancer Treatment?

  • Reputed cancer specialists who have global experience and follow latest cancer treatment protocols.
  • Complete Cancer Care under one roof appropriate from disease screening, early detection, and multi-disciplinary treatment to restoration.
  • Affordable cancer treatment packages.
  • Best quality medications, drugs and consumables for cancer care are delivered in India at least cost and to world’s best hospitals. These outcomes in lowest general cost of world class cancer treatment in India.
  • Well trained English speaking Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff provide competent and compassionate Cancer care.

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Embryo Freezing by Dr Firuza Parikh in India Helps You build a Family


Embryo freezing is a procedure that enables embryos to be saved for later use. Most people call it embryo freezing, but more correctly it is “embryo cryopreservation” because the ultimate goal is to store the embryo cryogenically and to preserve its viability for future initiation of pregnancy.

How is an Embryo Frozen in India?

The fundamental objective of embryo freezing is to save the embryo for later use. The most serious issue is the water inside the cells.When water freezes, crystals can form. This expansion can burst the cell, causing it to die. To prevent this happening, the water in the embryo’s cells is replaced with a protective substance called a cryoprotectant. When the greater part of the water has been expelled, the embryo is cooled to its safeguarding state through one of two techniques for embryo freezing:

  • Slow Freezing: This includes shielding the embryos from damage in fixed tubes and afterward gradually bringing down the temperature in the tubes.
  • This keeps the embryo cells from maturing and getting to be plainly harmed. Embryos can last much longer in their frozen state than in their fresh state.
  • However, low freezing is tedious, and it requires costly machinery.
  • Vitrification: In this procedure, the cryoprotected embryos are frozen so rapidly that the water particles in the embryos don’t have room time- to form ice crystals.
  • This ensures the embryos and to increase their survival rate amid thawing.

After freezing, the embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen until they are needed for future use.

What are the Benefits of Embryo Freezing in India?

The principle advantage of embryo freezing is the alternative to have frozen embryos thawed and transferred to the lady’s uterus in the future without having to undergo stimulation of the ovaries or egg retrieval.

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Dr. Firuza Parikh offers IVF 100% Guarantee Plans – with Highest Success Rates in India

Dr. Firuza Parikh super IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital Mumbai, she is known for innovation, integrity, medical & technical expertise, personalized attention in every stage of treatment and based on the motto of consistent willingness to accept patients facing most troublesome medical conditions she is IVF specialist. Dr. Firuza Parikh is focused on providing support to couples navigating the maze of infertility. She aims to offer the most advanced and globally competitive ART programs and services. Book an appointment with Dr. Firuza Parikh Famous IVF Specialist at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. Contact no: +91-9370586696 

Dr. Firuza Parikh use her Experience to Craft your Infertility Treatments

Dr. Firuza Parikh has a holistic philosophy, recognizing that the fertility journey can be both stressful and highly emotional. She pays attention to all aspects of health providing a comfortable environment for delivering the best possible management to achieve pregnancy. While she does everything possible to achieve this shared objective, she also has a strong sense of responsibility in keeping the risks of complications and multiple pregnancies to a minimum. She emphasizes the mind-body connection and encourages healthy lifestyle changes to enhance success. Dr. Firuza Parikh does everything she can to help her patients achieve a successful pregnancy.

What Services can Indian Medguru Consultants Provide?

Like choosing a package with Indianmedguru Consultants will mean that everything is taken care of for you, including:

  • Flights and airport transfers.
  • Visas.
  • Accommodation.
  • Local trips and tours.
  • Local representatives and possibly interpreters.

In addition to handling all your travel arrangements, Indian Medguru Consultant will ensure that your fertility treatment is booked for you in advance and coordinated on your behalf. We will employ case managers, who will work closely with you to help you decide on the right fertility treatment and the right fertility clinic for your individual needs. Your case manager will know the clinics very well, and will be able to give you informed advice to help you make your choice.

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Dr. Sanjay Sarup Offers His Holistic Approach to Treat Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in India


Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is an issue with the way a child’s hip joint structures previously, amid, or after birth — causing an unstable hip. In severe cases, the hip joint can dislocate or cause trouble walking.

What is the treatment for developmental dysplasia of the hip in India?

The objective of treatment is to get the head of the thigh bone to go back into the hip joint. This then allows the structures of the rapidly developing hip joint to become established normally. Commonly used treatments are as follows:

Dr. Sanjay Sarup best Pediatric Orthopedician in Gurgaon

Pavlik harness

This is a device that is used to hold the hips in the correct position. It is mostly the first treatment used in children under 6 months old. During this time, ultrasound scans are usually done to check that the hip is in the correct position. This harness keeps the legs bent and turned outwards but allows certain movements. It does not allow your child to straighten their legs or turn those inwards. The harness is adjusted as the child grows and as the hip stabilizes.

Closed reduction and hip spica

This technique is utilised as a part of children over 6 months of age, or if the Pavlik harness isn’t successful.This involves your child being given an anaesthetic., the doctor positions the hip the correct way and then applies a special cast or plaster to keep the hip in the right position. The position of the hip is affirmed as correct by a MRI or CT check done after the technique. This cast is kept on for at least 12 weeks.

Open reduction

If the above options fail or your child is much older when DDH is diagnosed, then an operation is needed. The operation includes releasing the tendons around the hip and evacuating anything that is preventing the hip from moving freely.

Other types of surgery

If DDH has not resolved by 18 months, more complicated surgery is required. This includes expelling a few sections of the bone and joint with the goal that the hip can be kept in the correct position

Dr. Sanjay Sarup Best Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon healing growing kids

Dr. Sanjay Sarup is one of the most experienced pediatric orthopaedic practices in the nation. He attracts families needing expert orthopaedic care for their children from the across the world. Dr. Sanjay Sarup is leaders in a wide range of subspecialties, including spinal deformities, bone health, and hip preservation. He consistently offers innovative treatments, meaning your child receives the most effective care. This includes the most effective medications, least invasive procedures, and care that are more efficient. His expertise, coupled with a depth of experience from treating more than 1,500 patients per year, helps you consistently achieve excellent outcomes. He is the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon in India. Dr. Sanjay Sarup Appointment Number +91-98604-32255.

Expert Care by Dr. Sanjay Sarup in Pediatric Orthopaedic Treatment in India

Dr. Sanjay Sarup is a consultant spine surgeon and best pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon . Dr. Sanjay Sarup provides a healthcare experience designed with kids in mind, and delivers confidence and assurance when parents need it most. He provides a wide range of clinical services and specialties dedicated to improving children’s health. Dr. Sanjay Sarup treats children from around the world who need the kind of specialized expertise and child-focused care he offers. No matter what your child needs, he can provide care that’s just right.

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How Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India works for you?

Joint replacement surgery Hospital India is a renowned medical service provider, dedicatedly helping patients and their families by providing assistance in visa, travel logistics and transportation for surgery, medical treatment, hospitalization, travel & accommodation in India. With the aim to make people feel completely relaxed, our professionals personally take care of them, right from receiving from airport to making arrangements of hotel & transportation and finding out the best hospital. We have association with leading hospitals, surgeons and physicians in India, which help us in making patient avail world class medical care at reasonable rates. Joint replacement surgery hospital India has attained tremendous growth & popularity for itself across the world with support of its remarkable services. Many patient patients from various nooks and corners of the world including USA, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, UK, Africa, SAARC Countries, etc. prefer and extensively recommend us as a health service provider due to our highly professional working approaches.

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Robotic Surgery Procedure in India Best Offers for Abroad Patients

Robotic Surgery Overview

Robotic surgery is a privileged example of minimally invasive surgical techniques.This is an instant surgical procedure which involves single incision or one or two small incision. It gives less scars, less trauma to the body, less blood loss and less hospital stay. This procedure has cured many of the international patients successfully. The surgical equipment consists of three robotic arms one optional fourth arm. One arm holds the camera which is the endoscope whereas the other arms hold surgical instruments that are interchangeable. Robotic surgery packages in India are very affordable as compared to other countries. Top hospitals in India have such facilities available and it is easy to approach these services with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants.

Procedural Cost in India

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive type of surgery; so the cost of this surgery is very affordable in India as compared to other countries. The best way to opt this service is to approach top hospitals with the help of Dheeraj  Bojwani Consultants. This surgery is available in India without any wait which is unlike other countries. It is the best way to get a surgery done; robotic surgery is better than the traditional one this surgery will prevent you from blood loss, fewer traumas to the body,and less scars. This surgery is a kind of help to the patients who are over age; though this procedure is for all from a kid to an adult.

robotic surgery

Special Robotic Surgery Packages in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Packages in India for robotic surgery are very affordable with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. The consultants will help you to get the best medical service at affordable package in some of the top hospitals in India. The hospitals in India are associated with top surgeons and doctors who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. They believe in minimally invasive surgical procedure and also have performed many robotic surgeries to cure the patient surgically.

Medical Facilities in India

It is proved that India provides the best medical service that can be easily opt with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. The consultants will help you to get the best affordable package for your medical treatment in India. The package would include; medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals for patients and family, accommodation for patients and family and appointment with the best surgeon in India. These are the special service that can be provided to the international patients who wish to get their medical treatment done in India.

dbc robotic surgery

Bottom line:

Robotic surgery is unlike traditional surgery; this minimally invasive surgery demands less hospital stay and does not require a long incision too or healing of a large wound. The surgeons and doctors in India are well verse in this procedure. If a patient wishes to get their surgery done in India they can easily approach this surgery with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants.

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