Success Rate of Computer Assisted Surgery in India with its Great Advantages


Computer Assisted surgery success rate in India is higher. It is a breakthrough in the medical field as the scope for invasive surgery reduces to bare minimum. The surgeries performed using this technology alleviate the pain and blood loss to great extent. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India has been assisting the global patients seeking advantages of computer assisted surgery at the best hospitals equipped with all the mechanisms need for this surgery at cost-effective prices.

computer assisted surgery

Computer assisted surgery in India

Computer assisted surgery in India signifies a surgical concept and a sort of methods using computer technology for the pre-surgical planning and to guide and perform surgical interventions.  Also known as computer aided surgery and computer assisted intervention has been a leading factor for development of the robotic surgery. The advantages of computer assisted surgery has shown to make it less likely the limb alignment problems that occur post knee replacement surgery.

It uses special probes attached to the body to help the surgeon ensuring proper positioning of the joint replacement implants. The probes are detected by an infrared camera connected to a computer terminal that constructs an electronic model of the knee or hip based on the information gathered by sensing the position of these probes.

The computer can help guide the surgeon’s placement of the knee or hip replacement implants ensuring the proper positioning of the joint replacement.

How Computer Assisted Surgery Works?

For the patient’s data registry, a sensing device is attached to the patient and an infrared camera helps to receive the date for processing and creating each patient’s digital model. The software contains data for various types of sizes of prosthesis. Then the computer will assist the surgeon with enough information for preparing the best bone bed surface for each type of prosthesis. Also it assists the surgeon to choose the optimal prosthetic size for the patient. The surgeon will use the data from the CAS system to shape a fitted bone bed and help to monitor the accuracy of the bone bed shape preparation. In case of a mal-alignment, timely correction can be performed right away. The latest version of the software enables the surgeon to determine the balance of the surrounding muscle and ligament. The ultimate goal of this surgery is optimum functionality and durability over time.

CAS India

Computer assisted surgery Success Rate in India

The computer assisted surgery success rate in India has been higher as it has been quite successful to achieve its goals.

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Advantages of computer assisted surgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

  • Offer the surgeons an unprecedented level of feedback information during a procedure
  • Offers visual confirmation at each stage of the surgical procedure thereby allows modification of the plan during the surgical procedure as per the intra-operative findings
  • Enables surgeon to execute the surgery exactly as planned
  • Superior soft tissue balancing
  • Increased accuracy every time, due to execution of a well established plan based on acquired landmarks
  • Increased reproducibility time after time with perfect accuracy.
  • Less invasive and safer
  • Superior panel of doctors and surgeons
  • Assistance with arranging your medical visa, meals, accommodation for the patient and attendant and appointment with the doctor.
  • Budget friendly computer assisted surgery in India
  • Advantages of computer assisted surgery in India with utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting our patient’s needs

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