World’s Heaviest Man Franco and Woman Eman to Undergo Weight Loss Surgery



Though being an overweight is a way of life for countless people all across the world, it simply doesn’t prevent to be put over the physical appearance. In the current competitive world obesity is considered to be a menace since it hampers the health and also becomes the cause to death. Though there are several non-surgical options to get rid of the fat and obesity yet if things fail to work, we can take resort in options like surgeries like Gastric Bypass Surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. With cases like Juan Pedro Franco and Eman Ahmed from Egypt who are considered to be world heaviest man and woman respectively, they are gearing for their surgeries to get rid of the obesity. Both of weight the heaviest with Franco weighing around 595 and the lady weighs 500 kg. Now, let us dig in deep into these cases and find out more about them and the surgeries like Gastric Bypass Surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery that play a vital role in getting rid of the obesity in the following paragraphs:

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The Case of Juan Pedro Franco

World's Heaviest Man to Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery

This man is considered to be the heaviest man on earth with the weight of around 595 kilograms. He comes from Mexico and has gone through a surgery called Gastric bypass surgery and has gone for a three month diet in order to prepare for the other surgery scheduled on 9th May 2017, which is targeting to make him free for 175 kilos. As per the doctors treating him, he has lost 30 percent of the weight and now he is undergoing the surgery called gastric bypass surgery. This man first made headlines last year in November when he was reported to a clinic while making a trip in his specially designed van in western city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. However, the doctor dealing with him found the treatment of obesity difficult with conditions like Type I & II diabetes. He came in touch with the clinic after seeing one ad in TV. Before this he has spent around 6 long years with this massive weight on the bed. Despite his weight loss, the doctors feel that they are not very positive about the medical conditions and complications will settle. The doctors are now gearing up for his gastric bypass surgery, which intends to reduce the weight by 50 percent, which will be soon followed up with another surgery if required claims the doctor.

The case of Eman Ahmed

world's heaviest woman has now undergone a surgery called Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

If you talk about the case of Eman Ahmed, who happens to be the world’s heaviest woman, she weight 500 kg and has now undergone a surgery called Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery at a Mumbai based hospital after she was brought from Egypt in an air cargo to Mumbai last month. A team of doctors led by Dr. M Lakdawala is dealing with her case and has initiated the process last month. Before she went through the Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, she was kept on the fluid diet to reduce some weight. The medical team also put additional efforts to make her free from other linked medical conditions and issues so that she becomes fit to fly back like a normal person to her hometown as soon as possible. Eman has been on bed from last 25 years, which is for the obvious reasons. Hence she was brought up in a special flight arrangements she was lifted in her bed in a crane and then brought using a truck.  Now she is gearing up for her next surgery to get rid of her huge weight with the help of a known Mumbai based bariatric surgeon called Muffazal Lakdawala and his team.

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Understanding the Weight Loss Surgery?

There are several weight loss surgeries, which particularly include Gastric Bypass Surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, however, let’s talk about the former as it is used in both the cases. This is a kind of weight loss surgery wherein the surgeon deals with stomach and the small intestines. It helps in reducing the volume of the stomach, which makes the belly full soon after the patient start eating which enables the weight loss. The gastric bypass surgery involves two steps, which include stomach stapling and Roux-en-Y.  This surgery is considered to be the most effective surgeries, which is the key reason to be used for both the patients who are regarded as the world heaviest man and woman on this planet.

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