Fortis Hospital Bangalore Successful Varicocele Surgery of Dubai Patient with IndianMedguru Consultants

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Hello, my name is Abu Al Kasim from Dubai; I’ve got my varicocele surgery from Fortis Hospital via the leading medical service provider IndianMedguru Consultants. I am really thankful to service provider IndianMedguru Consultants and their executive’s which put their heart and soul for assisting me with the successful surgery at Varicocele surgery hospital in India. I came to know about IndianMedguru Consultants through my internet search for the varicocele surgery in India. My research on the internet gave me enough time needed to satisfy and assure myself before choosing the Fortis Hospital Bangalore to get my successful surgery at this best varicocele surgery hospital in India with IndianMedguru Consultants.  All this has later translated into my decision to opt for the low cost varicocele surgery in India at Fortis Hospital Bangalore which is a renowned varicocele surgery hospital in India.

I found a couple of testimonials of the patients like me who travelled to India for their medical treatments and they had a good experience at the varicocele surgery hospital in India. All this has really impressed me and that’s how I decided to contact IndianMedguru Consultants to get my varicocele surgery in India. I send them my inquiry by filling a free consultation form on their website. With a couple of days I received a call from their executive with the reply. He spoke nicely and explained me about everything I should know about the varicocele surgery in India and also helped me with arrangements for the medical trip to India. I gave them my confirmation and my brother accompanied me for my surgery at varicocele surgery hospital in India.

“To get your Appointment at the Top Urologists in Bangalore , Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni

As we reached India, I was really happy to see the services I got. A gentleman person came to pick us up at the airport in Bangalore from Indian Medguru Consultants and took us to the hotel and then to the varicocele surgery hospital in India. At Fortis Hospital Bangalore, we met the doctor who explained me about the entire procedure and answers all my queries. The doctor was kind and told us about what to expect during this surgery which greatly helped to reduce all our fears. My surgery went well at the varicocele surgery hospital in India. The nurses were quite dedicated, caring and compassionate throughout my stay at the varicocele surgery hospital in India. Overall, my stay at Fortis Hospital Bangalore was fantastic. We also got the opportunity to visit some good places across the city.

At IndianMedguru Consultants, we were offered the assistance for the medical visas, doctor appointment at Fortis Hospital Bangalore and the flight tickets, arrangements for hotel, stay and vacation tour. They ensured to provide us the highest quality varicocele surgery from the best surgeons across the country. The varicocele surgery followed strict ethics which met our needs and the services provided were excellent and well within our budget.

I am thankful to the surgeons at Urology Surgery Hospitals and IndianMedguru Consultants for providing me excellent medical care during this trip in India. I am impressed with the skills of the surgeons with great proficiency and professionalism as well as the state of the art facilities and excellent patient care in India.  I am thankful to our group for all the concern about my safety and would highly recommend you to all those who need affordable medical treatment abroad to get their varicocele surgery done through you.

Thanking You,

Abu Al Kasim, Dubai


Tips for Cancer Patients: How to remove Stress on Christmas

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Christmas can be stressful yet enjoyable experience for the cancer patients provided you know how to move things in a right direction. It can encompass a number of things like sending out cards to doing other things that can make the life of a cancer patient not only stressful but annoying. Though the cancer patients may never mind the stress but it can be unfair to their sufferings. For such people suffering from cancer may end up facing decompression, reflection and stress, however, the following ten tips can help you a lot, check them out:

1). Ask for Help:

You could be tired up catching the appointments with the doctor but at the same time doing a number of things like shopping and packing the gifts. Well, it is always better to ask for help and take up the loved one to get help you in things like shopping, cooking and decorating.

2). Let Go the Tiring Activities:

Just because you have been doing all the Christmas decoration on your own since long this doesn’t really mean that you would keep on doing things yet again while you suffer from this menace. The traditions can and should change in order to accommodate your emotional, mental and physical needs as per your disease.

3). Change Your Travel Plans or Social Activities and Include the Rest Time as well :

By liming the time you spend with your family one can give you more time to relax and rest. If you are feeling down and low you can rest at your place knowing ahead of your time, in other words, you need to have the access to your bedroom all the time so that you can anytime relax and rest without facing the stress.

4). Reduce the Expectations in Life:

You may not be able to find everyone that you have planned on seeing this Christmas holiday and that can be called as okay. Better be realistic about your expectations. Focus over doing the things that are simple for you and what would be most meaningful things in a longer run.

5). Set Aside me Time:

Whenever you are feeling stressed, it is hard to stay physically and emotionally strong. In order to keep yourself to be in a right pose you need to include a couple of things like exercises, eating healthy stuff and having a proper sleep in your daily routine. Make sure you lift your spirits try catching up all your favorite movies and going out to have the fresh air or even think of playing some interesting music.

6). Reduce Inflammation- Eat Plants:

In short embrace the gorgeous greens, legumes, beans, seeds, nuts and things like fruits, vegetable galore and sea veggies. Flash out the inflammatory and hormone based dairy products with the plant strong whole foods. Talking about the sugar better choose the low glycemic desserts and fruits.

7). Sleep like a Champ:

A good sleep can keep the stress at bay so make sure you have a good and restful sleep while you get healed up. This will help you in activating the regenerative capabilities of your body for sure.

8). Handle Panic & Stress Smartly:

Stress is the enemy of cancer with its increase you end up making your conditions bad to worse. So make sure you handle the same with care be it with mediation, hiking in the woods, trying some yoga or anything else, learn to handle it with care.

9). Educate Yourself:

By exploring the ways that can help you get the ease and comfort while you enjoy the festive time can help in keeping things in control. So the more you educate yourself the better would be the outcome.

10). Consult Experts:

If you feel things can go out of control make sure you seek the help of experts be it your family doctor or a competitive counsellor, they both can do the best in helping you.

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Dr. Ramen Goel Best Weight Loss Surgeon in India : Fix Obesity issues with 1st Indian Bariatric Surgeon

Best Weight Loss Surgeon in India, Dr. Ramen Goel : Introduction

The best weight loss surgeon in India. Dr. Ramen Goel is an Indian Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeon at Bombay Hospital Mumbai India. He has an experience of over 20 years and has dedicated to offer a wide range of surgeries through the advanced laparoscopic techniques. Dr. Ramen Goel is a highly trained gastro-intestinal surgeon and considered as a pioneer of bariatric surgery in India. He has started performing the laparoscopy surgery in the year 1992 and has also performed thousands of basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures.

best-weight-loss-surgeon-in-india-dr-ramen-goelDr. Ramen Goel of Bombay Hospital Mumbai India has performed the first gastric band and banded gastric bypass surgery in India. Other surgeries performed by the best weight loss surgeon in India include lap gastric band, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, endoscopic gastric balloon, lap sleeve gastrectomy, etc. He performs the Lap Ileal interposition surgery to treat the type 2 diabetes as a part of the clinical trial. Many surgical postgraduate aspirants have been trained under him and occupied the senior surgical posts around the world.

When you Need Weight Loss Surgery?

If you are significantly overweight and want to make a lifestyle change, then you need weight loss surgery. Other reasons include if you are more than 100lbs. Over your ideal body weight, or have a BMI of over 40, or have a BMI of 35 and above as well as experience severe negative health effects due to diabetes, blood pressure related to obesity and you are unable to achieve a healthy body weight for a sustained period of time through medically supervised dieting.

When you Need Weight Loss Surgery.png

Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

Weight loss surgery includes a variety of procedures which are done on people suffering with obesity. Often the weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach using a gastric band or through removal of a portion of the stomach through a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch or a biliopancreatic diversion. Another procedure is a gastric bypass surgery in which resection and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch is done.


As per some long term studies, the weight loss surgery procedure causes significant long-term loss of weight, improvement in the cardiovascular risk factors, recovery from diabetes and reduced mortality of 23 to 40%.

Dr Ramen Goel : Rewards & Recognition

  • Dr. Ramen Goel was the first surgeon to perform the gastric band and banded gastric bypass surgery in India, in 2000
  • He become the first Indian Bariatric surgeon to receive the “Surgeon of Excellence” certification by the US-based Surgical Review Corporation in the year 2013
  • Founder of the Centre for Metabolic Surgery, a weight-loss centre located in Mumbai
  • Indian Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeon, associated with Hinduja Healthcare Specialty, Mumbai and Nova Specialty Hospitals, Mumbai

Dr. Ramen Goel is the best weight loss surgeon in India at Bombay Hospital Mumbai India, who has been recognized for his surgical expertise and experience. He was conferred the Fellow of Surgery by the International College of Surgeons, Chicago, USA in the year 1999. He has also been invited faculty at Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education at Mumbai to train practicing surgeons in India.

Why Choose Best Weight Loss Surgeon in India?

When it comes to choose the best weight loss surgeon in India, Dr. Ramen Goel of Bombay Hospital Mumbai India is the best choice. His highly competitive and impressive track record for the weight loss surgeries providing high quality results are what makes him the obvious choice for the patients seeking their surgeries in India. The best weight loss surgeon at Bombay Hospital Mumbai India has the experience to work with the most developed nations such as Australia, the US, Brazil and Switzerland. He has done surgeries with less of the efforts making him to provide the cost effective weight loss surgeries for the patients from abroad.

Contact Details of Dr Ramen Goel.png

Closing Remarks

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India has a network of the best weight loss surgeon in India. Contact us by sending your inquiry to or call at +919373055368 to fix your obesity issues with Dr. Ramen Goel of Bombay Hospital Mumbai India.

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