Role of Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Overview

Cancer starts when the cells in the body begin to grow out of control. The cells in any part of the body can become cancer and this can spread to other areas of the body. Ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries. Women have two ovaries one on each side of the uterus in the pelvis and they produce eggs called as ova. They are the main source of woman’s female hormones- estrogen and progesterone. The eggs will travel through Fallopian tubes to the uterus where they may be fertilized and develop into a fetus.


Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs for killing cancer cells or shrinking the tumors. Most often the drugs are given into a vein (IV) or by mouth. Once it enters the bloodstream, they will spread throughout the body. This treatment is useful when the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries.

These drugs can also be given right into the abdomen called as an intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy which will put it in contact with the cancer cells which will allow them to be absorbed to reach the rest of the body. It works well but has more severe side effects.

Often the chemo is a combination of two or more drugs which is given in cycle of every three to four weeks. A cycle is a schedule in which the doses of a drug are followed by a rest period. Different drugs have different cycles and your oncologist will prescribe the right cycle for your chemo. Most cancer doctors in the US believe that using more than one drug works better to treat the ovarian cancer than using one drug alone.

Why most Women’s Receive Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer?

Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs which will destroy the cancer cells. The doctor will likely suggest chemotherapy for women with ovarian cancer after the surgery is the cancer is stage 1c or above. In cases you may have it for an earlier stage cancer which is high grade. For some advanced cancers, you may have chemotherapy both before and after the surgery. You can also have chemotherapy for the ovarian cancer which has come back after you were first treated.

You will most likely to receive chemotherapy for ovarian cancer through a drip into the vein. There are number of chemotherapy drugs and treatment plan that the doctor will choose depending on the stage of cancer, what chemotherapy drugs you have had before, etc.

Cost of Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer Treatment in India


The cost of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer treatment in India is 4,000 USDs as compared to the cost of chemotherapy in the USA which is $22,000.

Why India is Best place for Cancer Treatment?

India is best place for cancer treatment for the following reasons:

  1. Low Cost: The medical treatments and surgeries in India is low cost compared to the same offered by the western counterparts.
  2. Expert Oncologist: We have expert oncologists in India who are highly qualified, skilled and have been trained at the best hospitals across the world.
  3. Modern Technique: Our hospitals in India have modern techniques, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructures, latest equipments and technology to treat ovarian cancer.
  4. One on One Counselling: At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India, our team provides assistance, one on one counselling to the international patients seeking low cost ovarian cancer treatments in India.

Get the Best Support from us


Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India has association with the top cancer hospitals and expert oncologists in India offering the highest quality chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in India for the international patients. We have state of the art facilities providing benefits for the ovarian cancer treatment with a ground breaking approach and also provide access to the medical technology and the diagnostic tools.

The chemotherapy for ovarian cancer will begin with assessment by a multidisciplinary team and the Indian doctors work to establish the parameters of your current medical condition for determining the best course of treatment for the patient. Send us your inquiry to get the chemotherapy for ovarian cancer at the top cancer hospitals in India from the expert oncologists at affordable costs.

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