Visit Indian Medguru for Affordable Brachytherapy in India

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Brachytherapy is among the complex procedures wherein one can find radioactive material being placed inside or near the tumor. In order to avert any kind of complications, this surgical procedure would need high end equipment that is available with the hospitals. In the recent past few years, India has ranked higher for a number of surgical procedures including the procedures like Brachytherapy, which has become the number one option for one and more global patients found all across the world. For global patients coming to India need a helping hand, which is not only reliable but professional enough to manage the entire treatment in India, including the procedure like Brachytherapy in this country. With groups like Indian Med Guru, your search for finding a reliable group comes to an end.

Understanding Brachytherapy

The procedure Brachytherapy as said is among the complicated procedures in medical science meant to use material directly inside or over the tumor. Brachia is among the Greek term, which means short and it helps in using high radiation dose that reduces the risk of damaging over the health tissues and boosting up the probability of cancer that is flushed out. The doctors could be seen placing the Brachytherapy seeds over the body cavity like the vagina or insert the seeds over the body tissue that employs hollow needles. The procedures can be employed alone or could be done with radiation externally. The radioactive seeds could be left permanently over the place or simply removed after some amount of time.

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Brachytherapy of Procedure

In Brachytherapy Procedure, you can find the physician placing the source of irradiation close to the tumor or within the body cavity. The procedure may include putting the radioactive source inside the body cavity like the vagina or by simply putting radioactive material directly over the body tissue employing hollow needles. In this surgery, you can find the surgeon giving external beam radiation as well, which can be used to form radiotherapy. However, in some of the cases, you may find certain permanent place while in other cases these are removed in certain amount of time. The placement of the radioactive sources can be repeated for a number of times in some of the conditions.

Benefits of Brachytherapy

The procedure of Brachytherapy can give the patients a number of benefits, which are indicated as under:

  • The precise kind of targeting of the radiation helps in securing your healthy tissue;
  • The procedure is very fast and can be within 1 to 3 hours that is carried out on an outpatient basis
  • The radiation surgery has little impact on issues like impotence and incontinence thus affecting the least on the quality of life.
  • The patients generally resume the life within 1-2 days with minimal amounts of restrictions
  • Lastly, the procedure called Brachytherapy is seen greatly shortening the duration of the treatment, even if it is meant to treat the prostate cancer, it can take just half day to fix it, which would be rather 5-7 weeks of treatment while going with the traditional radiation method

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Brachytherapy in India With Indian Medguru Consultant

India boasts on the top when it comes to seeking any healthcare solutions and procedures like Brachytherapy is no exception. However, this is only possible when global patients plan the low cost Brachytherapy in India with competitive medical tourism company. One such healthcare consultant for global patients coming from different countries is Indian Medguru. The group is a decade old medical tourism company having its specialization in the healthcare services with the most affordable packages. They ensure that every aspect of medical tourism of any global patient coming for any surgery is being taken care of the best. They have the best doctors, surgeons and hospitals in their network, which ensure high quality medical treatment in India with much affordable cost, which happens to be the USP of Indian Medguru.

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4 thoughts on “Visit Indian Medguru for Affordable Brachytherapy in India

  1. Meer Awaise August 23, 2016 / 12:47 pm


    This is Meer Awaise from Ethiopia, I am enquiring on behalf of my aunt who is suffering uterus cancer. I immediately want to fly her to India in an air ambulance and seek urgent medical help from a uterus cancer by brachytherapy procedure specialist and a good hospital. Please help me find a good doctor and hospital India. Thank you.

    Meer Awaise


  2. Chidimma Kouame September 11, 2017 / 8:22 am

    i am inquiry about cost of bracytherapy for prostate cancer of my hubby, please give me idea about stay, meals and facilities. Thanks


    • Francesmays September 11, 2017 / 11:27 am

      Hello Miss. Chidimma Kouame,

      Indian Medguru is pioneer medical tourism provider help you to find out best treatment, surgeons and hospital in your budget also offering high quality healthcare services like Meal, Accommodation, Visa Latter, Pick and drop facility to airport.

      For More on You can send your query to us our consultant department will contact you : and You can also call us for Immediate Appointment- +919370586696.

      Thanks and Regards
      Frances Mays
      Medical Consultants


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