Health Benefits of Weight Loss: Dr Randeep Wadhawan

Overview :


There are numbers of long-term and short term benefits that anyone can be experienced even with 5-10% weight loss although even more health benefits can be easily gained if a sufficient amount of weight can be lost to get back from being obese to a normal BMI scale range. Some of the health benefits of weight-loss which is explained by Dr. Randeep Wadhawan are improved blood glucose control, avoiding type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, improved fertility, improved healthy heart, and improved energy and vitality.

Avoid Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Being on the overweight side of BMI Scale is a major cause for type 2 diabetes. Putting on extra pounds makes it very difficult for tissues and cells to effectively respond to insulin, because the excess fat can acts just as an insulating layer, which hinders sugar to regulate properly into the cells of the body and resulting in higher blood sugar circulating levels. Leading from pre-diabetes to diabetes can easily be taken care of and can easily be preventable with the help of weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Researchers have proved that weight loss up to 7% and with the regular moderate physical exercise like brisk walking for around 2 and half hour in a week can help you to delay or prevent the symptoms of diabetes by around 58%.


Improved Blood Glucose Control

A combined research which I been organized by the University of Adelaide and CSIRO which is taken on a group of obese diabetic patients for a 12 week lifestyle changes, the research shows a simultaneous and highly significant improvement in HbA1c which is a medium term indicator of blood glucose control with effective weight loss. There are many complications that an individual with uncontrolled blood sugar level has to face which includes, strokes, chronic heart disease, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure. All these complication can significantly put on delay with the help of effective weight-loss.

Stay Heart Healthy

High cholesterol and high blood pressure is considered as the 2 major risk factors for heart/cardiac disease. Researchers have shown that excess body fat can secretes some of the naturally generating chemicals into the bloodstream which leads to high blood pressure and the liver is producing extra quantity of LDL cholesterol due to being over-weight, which sticks to blood vessels walls and causes various heart/cardiac ailments. As the individual starts losing weight, the issue of blood pressure gets eliminated and the amount of LDL has also been reduced, this can show cardiovascular improvements which in further under a study showed 12% reduction in total cholesterol, 10% reduction in LDL levels, 5% reduction in diastolic blood pressure and 8% reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Improved Fertility


Researchers with the epidemiological proofs have already shown that being on the obese side of BMI scale has a bad effect on the reproduction. The relation between obesity and infertility is yet not cleared but in a study it is suggested that excess body fat cause disturbance in sex hormones which in result disturb the fertility of human. During pregnancy being overweight is reported the major cause of increased chances of miscarriage and other medical complications, which includes gestational diabetes, hypertension, thrombosis embolism, preeclampsia and sleep apnea. In a group research that has investigated the issue of obese women and infertility has shown that even a weight loss of around 7 kgs in obese women with ovulatory infertility result in an improvement in pregnancy rate, ovulation, self-esteem endocrine parameters and pregnancy outcomes.

These are some of the health benefits of weight loss, which any individual can experience with moderate or good weight loss over a period of time under expert supervision.

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