Indian Medguru is Best Place for Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery, Anal Fistula Surgery in India


Tubal ligation reversal procedure is meant to fix fertility issue once woman had the tubal ligation process, which blocks the tubed in order to avoid pregnancies. During this process, the reversal of tubal ligation is carried out wherein the blocked segments of the fallopian tubes are seen getting reconnected over the remaining tubes. This can help the eggs flow once again and thus the women can become pregnant once again. The global patients from different parts of the world have started coming down to India for this procedure. However, for any global patient to flock to countries like India, one needs a reliable and professional health group, which can help in expediting the entire show with care and affordability. Luckily with the presence of Indianmedguru, your search for finding out a trustworthy helping hand comes to an end.

Anal Fistula


An anal fistula can be called as a small channel, which develops in between one of the ends of bowel and nearby skin of the anus. This can cause bleeding and thus discharge when you see the stools passing and thus can be a painful experience. An anal fistula can be seen occurring after the surgery is seen draining down the anal abscess. In some of the cases, you can find the anal fistula being caused due to the persistent drainage. In some of the cases wherein the outside of the channel is seen closing the opening, this can result into recurrent anal abscesses, which gives the patient surgery as the only solution to fix this problem once for all.

Symptoms of Anal Fistula

Some of the possible symptoms pertaining to anal fistula include the following signs:

  • A constant amount of pain that is seen throbbing and becoming worse while in the sitting positions
  • Skin irritation seen over the anus that include redness, tenderness and swelling
  • The blood or pus discharge
  • Constipation or experience a pain linked to bowel movements
  • Fever

Diagnosis of Anal Fistula

Consult Anal Fistula to our Best Doctor in India 

For diagnosing anal fistula, one needs to follow clinical evaluation, which include the digital rectal test, which is more than enough to diagnose this menace, however, some patients suffering from the same can be seen having additional test to screen the menace, which helps in pointing out the following issues:

  • The sexually transmitted infections
  • Some inflammatory bowel diseases
  • The diverticular disease
  • The rectal cancer

In some rare cases, the test could be carried out under anesthesia, while the doctor could also go for CT scan, MRI or ultrasound to identify things right.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in India


The medical tourism in India is on a rise for having a number of benefits making it among the top favorite options for the global patients. India has one of the best medical team and highly equipped hospitals, which cater high quality healthcare services. These hospitals cater a wide range of services, which remain par with the ones found in the US and other developed nations giving the patients enough reason to drop down to this nation with greater amount of benefits. One of the intriguing USPs about Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in India is the low and extremely affordable cost, which surges ahead with passing time.

Best Doctors in India

Best Doctors in India1

The India doctors dealing with Anal fistula or Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in India are among the best in terms of qualification and experience. These along with the medical staff are well versed with English language, which makes the global patient feel at home. The expertise and experience of these Indian doctors are heard and seen worldwide, which give confidence among the global patients coming from all directions of the world.

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    Your blog is very interesting. Medimantra is also provided the service of Indian medical tourism. Its provide all thing during the period of medical travel to medicine.


  2. Sheikh ul Miadad April 11, 2016 / 12:20 pm

    Sir, My Name is Sheikh ul Miadad and from Suadi Arab ,I want to know about tubal ligation surgery in India for my wife to blanssed family. I want to know about cost about surgery.


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