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Cosmetic surgery can be called as the procedure, which helps in sculpting and making the human body aesthetically appealing with carrying out a couple of surgical procedures. This is called as the blend of medical science and technology, which helps in getting a youthful glowing skin in order to devoid the number of blemishes and disorders found over human body. The only goal of these procedures is to simply improve upon the appearance of the person and hence boost up the self esteem by changing the way anyone looks. This procedure can be carried out over all the external parts of our body to fix the disorder in order to make the person not only free from the same but look aesthetically appealing.

Who is the Candidate of Cosmetic Surgery?

Who is the Candidate of Cosmetic Surgery
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Before you think of making an appointment with a competent surgeon, you need to define the motive of the changes you want to make in your external body with these procedures. Owing to the cosmetic surgery, you can get some dramatic changes in your external looks hence it is vital to understand how these changes are going to put an impact over the people over the inside. Hence if you are fulfilling the following conditions, you become the candidate for cosmetic surgery:

  • You have realistic expectations about the changes in your body
  • You very well understand the physical implications and other medical risks for different surgeries
  • Free from issues like diabetes of chronic medical conditions
  • A non smoker or passive smoker along with free from any kind of tobacco consumption
  • Known to have weight stability for 6-12 months

 Common Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

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When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, there are several surgical procedures; however, the most common ones are enlisted below:

  • Lipoplasty: This Cosmetic surgery in Mumbai is also called as body sculpting, which helps in removing the stubborn areas of fats including the saddle bags and love handles. One can soon heal from the bruising and swelling witnessed after the surgery in few days and resumes your work.
  • Eyelid Surgery: This cosmetic surgery in Mumbai is also known as Blepharoplasty, which helps in reshaping the eyelids. It helps in removing the bagginess around the eyes along with making the lose skin tight, however, it never removes the fine wrinkle lines seen around the eyes. You can get back to work after 10 days as the bruising and swelling settles down with this surgery.
  • Breast Implants: This cosmetic surgery in Mumbai are implanting a saline filled bags slid over your breast tissues (chest area). After the surgery, you can resume your work within two days and can even take bath after a week or so. This surgery helps in giving your breast a better shape.
  • Facelift: After certain age, you will find your skin sagging and folding over your face. With the help of this cosmetic surgery in Mumbai called Facelift, you can stretch these skins and make it smooth. You may witness some amount of sagging and bruising after the surgery, however, these can fade within a week’s time. You can resume your normal life within two weeks after the surgery.

 Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai

Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai

India has developed its healthcare including the cosmetic surgery and treatment domain strong in the past few years. Thanks to the high end hospitals and highly qualified cosmetic surgeons who left no stone unturned to embark with such a world class healthcare and cosmetic treatment infrastructure. One of the important USPs of Cosmetic surgery in Mumbai is the cost effectiveness, which is only possible in India and not seen in the developed nations like the US or the UK. This is the reason why more and more medical tourists are flocking for Cosmetic surgery in Mumbai from different parts of the world. After all, they are getting high quality cosmetic surgery at low cost.

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    Kindly..! Let me know the cost of Cosmetic surgery in India for my wife???


  2. AMNA December 4, 2015 / 7:35 am

    Getting excited for you, too!! I’m planning my surgery in March and will follow your journey.


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