Healthcare Trip Kenya to India – Get the Benefits of Low Cost Obesity Surgery in India

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Medical tourism in India is now an alternative for many international patients getting sound health with highest degree of treatment at most affordable price. Patients from highly developed places like Unites states of America, Europe are coming to India for getting same treatment quality as in their home country  but at reduced rates. Patients from Africa visit India for availing excellent treatment because they do not have access to advanced medical care in their home country.

Medical tourism in India specializes in servicing international patients with top class hospitals and clinics in Asia. We provide all the clients widest range of treatment options, affordable and reasonable healthcare, supremacy in services, and also your mental and emotional well being is balanced and completely supported by our doctors and nursing staff.

People from Africa choose India majorly for no waiting lines and getting best treatment at state of art hospital in very suitable rate of package including all the expenses like travelling, stay and other facilities while on medical tour without compromising in quality level.

What makes the Patient from Kenya Travel to India for Obesity Surgery?

obestiy problem

Obesity is not only restricted to wealthier western nations but also has spread its hands in every part of the globe. Increasing the statistics is being recognized in countries like Kenya, Nigeria and many more. This brings extra health problems attached in leading life on dangerous route. But no worries, obesity surgeries in India are available for people who cannot fight weight through other means.

Obesity Surgery Advantages & Benefits in India

obesity surgery
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Here are the Medical Services in India for Kenya Patients

  1. Highly talented and well qualified professionals.
  2. Internationally acclaimed and affirmed Hospitals – JCI/JCHO, NABH
  3. Advanced medical facilities and growing compliances matching international standards.
  4. Comparatively lower costs; no compromise with quality, the reason behind o cost is economy and subsidized structure of tax.
  5. Visa restrictions have been removed by Indian government and introduced a visa scheme on arrival. This facility is for medical tourists from selected countries. This include a stay of 30 days for treatment in India for foreign nationals and can be availed an extended visa for a year, with consideration of medical conditions.
  6. People will not face language barrier in India as in other Asian countries.
  7. Patients do not have to wait in queue.

Process Flow of Coming to India for Surgery

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants facilitates well managed plan for patients coming from Kenya

Step 1. Once you contact us with your query, we will request you your medical records for assessment from our surgeons.

Step 2. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will counsel the specialists with these reports and treatment if availed. With these details we will find the hospital specialized to give best treatment for your problem.

Step 3. Once we get estimation from planed doctors and clinics we will send you medical opinions.

Step 4. after you select your medical service provider, your visit to hospital and appointment with specialist is finalized.

Final 5. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will guide with travel, visa, local transport and hospitalization.

About Forerunners Healthcare Consultants

Kenya Travel to India
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We are a team based in India from past ten years specialized in delivering patients to top class amenities in to notching Hospitals and clinics in India. Our network of health care services and hospitality is well reputed and known for excellence. We’re focused on improving the well-being of people; giving better administrations than clients; conveying exceptional esteem; and surpassing the desires of everybody we manage. Let us be your medical tourism guide to assist you with exemplary service and health care.

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    Is there your treatment is liable to reduce my weight


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