Forerunners Healthcare Consultants – Traveler Assistance for Medical Tourists from Africa to India


Forerunners Healthcare Consultant is the initially enlisted (Government of India) medical tourism and human services health care supplier company based in India. Forerunners health care Consultant is the fore most International Patient Care and the top rated medical tourism Administration Company of India helping the international patients assisting in their needs, looking for all types of therapeutic medications and surgeries in India.

The healing centers and clinics in our network are worldwide affiliated and are among the most developed centers, in which medicinal practices and protocols followed, with specific projects intended for the patients needs. Forerunners health care Consultant gives you simple access to the biggest system of medical service providers in best hospital facilities, nursing homes, specialists, doctors and specialty clinics of India. Our system is spread in more than 15 urban communities of India. We are ISO QMS affirmed for all our practices and service packages guaranteeing best service and results for our patients.

About Africa


After Asia, Africa is world’s largest continent being second in the list, with ethnic culture, famous wild life and jungle safari. Poverty and population are problems due to which development is quite low. Health care facilities are poor and so people in Africa are facing issues with health. This crisis can be solved with medical tourism. A growing option for people in Africa is they travel to India for various surgeries and medical services. Kenyan patients adopt India as medical destination to save money and also avail quality treatments. On other hand if they visit some other countries, economy rates are much higher which cannot afforded by normal people.  Comparing the cost for cancer treatments, fertility issues, organ transplant are among best cost saving treatments and also best in supremacy.

Why Africans choose Forerunners Healthcare services for treatment plans in India 

best doctor
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India is recognized worldwide for the best and qualified health care professionals in each and every sector. With development in medical services, most experienced doctors and well qualified surgeons are performing world class treatment procedures.

With most focused charges for treatment, India is an extremely lucrative destination for individuals needing to experience treatment of certain medicinal issues. India offers top class Medical Facilities, similar with any of the western nations. India has cutting edge Hospitals and the best qualified specialists. With the best base, the best conceivable Medical technologies, went with the most focused costs, you can complete the treatment in India at the least charges.

Africans are quite sensitive with choosing their health care requirements. The patients from Africa prefer traveling to India for medical facilities of premium level. In past two decades, only rich people used the facilities of medical tourism that too in USA and Europe. Now, india is an growing hub for normal people accessing medical services at low cost. Forerunners healthcare Consultants are always ready to help foreign patients and people from Africa within countries like Kenya prefer to take assistance for following reasons

  • Simple registrations, free no obligation opinions
  • Budget friendly treatment package- a fraction of cost
  • Best standards of medical services and surgical care
  • Low risk factor
  • Good service without letting you wait in lines
  • Customized and full time support
  • Consultations, investigations are available at short notice with specialist
  • Exemplary healthcare facilities
  • Speed service with quality
  • Responsible for patient needs
  • Supremacy in delivering good professional clinical and surgical care and treatments.

Know the procedure to avail best surgery and medical treatment in India

Successful treatment
Successful Treatment with Forerunner Healthcare Consultant. 

Forerunners healthcare Consultants will avail you the process for coming to India getting economic and successful treatment. The procedure begins with patient filling a query form. This follows with a discussion on medical history on phone with our executive. Our specialist and surgeons studies the case and gives opinions which is conveyed to you and understands further planning. The patient can travel to India from Africa, we assist you at every preparing step like visa letters, pre appointments from doctors, plus all travel and accommodation requirements.

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5 thoughts on “Forerunners Healthcare Consultants – Traveler Assistance for Medical Tourists from Africa to India

  1. Esther Ajabor November 9, 2015 / 7:47 am

    myself Esther Ajabor from senegal. What would be the approximate cost of laproscopic myomectomy procedure for fibroid removal in hospital in india.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Francesmays November 9, 2015 / 9:06 am

      Hello Esther,


      India offers outstanding laproscopic myomectomy procedure for fibroid removal at 60-80% less than the prevailing USA rates. Even with the travel expenses taken into account.

      Our procedure plans depend upon patient condition. Please send us your medical reports at – and we’ll offer you our expert advice on the procedure required to treat for your fibroid removal along with procedure cost.

      Thank You,
      Frances Mays


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