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Cancer, the term can scare anyone on listening, however, it can be curable provided diagnosed on right time and treated in the early stages. Even in your later stages wherein cure becomes impossible, the patients can be treated to have a meaningful life with the disease. With proper diagnosis and management, things can change. India of late has become the best place for treatment of cancer with the expertise and the availability of best resources for all kinds of cancer. Right from having the best oncologists to the presence of state of art facility hospitals, the country has some of the best quality service, which comes along with greater affordability. This really attracts the medical tourists far and wide to avail the best medical attention and treatment for various kinds of cancer.

Best Cancer Hospitals Treating All Kinds of Cancer

We know that cancers are of different types, which often require doctors/surgeons of that particular speciality. India is blessed to have hospitals with these doctors specialising in different forms of cancer and types. These hospitals are known for having the expertise and required technology/state of art facilities, which make them competitive for the treatment for a number of ailments. These hospitals can be found in almost all the metro cities of India, wherein medical tourists from a number of countries like Middle East, Africa, Asian Countries, UK, US, Canada, and other European countries flock in to get the best possible treatment at competitive cost. These hospitals are known to have all the facilities and human resources, which any developed nations are known to encompass, however, the cost makes the difference that attract medical tourists far and wide to India.

Medical Treatments/Surgeries Available in India

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There is a wide range of care and treatments being carried out in India for the medical tourists that come from different nations and regions. These are offered in an organised treatment options for the ailment called cancer in the following ways:

  • Radiation Therapy: All the cancer hospitals in India have radiation treatment, which helps in calculating a number of doses of high end X rays treatment option within human body having cancer. This is usually a pain free treatment option, which doesn’t really give any side effects.
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment option is used to destroy the growing cancer cells, while other forms of this treatment will reduce its growth in the other organs of your body. The Indian hospitals cater you the same with the highest quality of expertise, which is generally offered in an outpatient basis being managed by highly competent doctors and trained medical staff.
  • Surgery: The surgical procedures also play a vital role in managing a number of types of cancer. In many cases, surgery plays a vital role in fixing this menace. The cancer hospitals are competent enough to fix this problem without any hassle or issue.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant: It is one of the vital options to get rid of the cancer from our body. This procedure is carried out for a number of patients facing acute leukemias, lumphomas, multiple myeloma and several other issues pertaining to cancer.

Best Cancer Surgeons in India

Best Cancer Surgeons
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India has one of the best cancer surgeons and doctors in India. They are highly qualified and equally competitive to deal with any kind of cancer without any hassle or issue. Most of the doctors practising in the Indian hospitals are qualified from foreign universities and also have experience in working some of the best hospitals in developed nations. So, their expertise and professionalism comes without any doubt or suspicion. They are skilled and compassionate, which make a huge difference in treating various types of cancer.

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Forerunners Healthcare Consultants – Traveller Assistance for Medical Tourists from Africa to India

Healthcare Trip Kenya to India – Get the Benefits of Low Cost Obesity Surgery in India

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Medical tourism in India is now an alternative for many international patients getting sound health with highest degree of treatment at most affordable price. Patients from highly developed places like Unites states of America, Europe are coming to India for getting same treatment quality as in their home country  but at reduced rates. Patients from Africa visit India for availing excellent treatment because they do not have access to advanced medical care in their home country.

Medical tourism in India specializes in servicing international patients with top class hospitals and clinics in Asia. We provide all the clients widest range of treatment options, affordable and reasonable healthcare, supremacy in services, and also your mental and emotional well being is balanced and completely supported by our doctors and nursing staff.

People from Africa choose India majorly for no waiting lines and getting best treatment at state of art hospital in very suitable rate of package including all the expenses like travelling, stay and other facilities while on medical tour without compromising in quality level.

What makes the Patient from Kenya Travel to India for Obesity Surgery?

obestiy problem

Obesity is not only restricted to wealthier western nations but also has spread its hands in every part of the globe. Increasing the statistics is being recognized in countries like Kenya, Nigeria and many more. This brings extra health problems attached in leading life on dangerous route. But no worries, obesity surgeries in India are available for people who cannot fight weight through other means.

Obesity Surgery Advantages & Benefits in India

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Here are the Medical Services in India for Kenya Patients

  1. Highly talented and well qualified professionals.
  2. Internationally acclaimed and affirmed Hospitals – JCI/JCHO, NABH
  3. Advanced medical facilities and growing compliances matching international standards.
  4. Comparatively lower costs; no compromise with quality, the reason behind o cost is economy and subsidized structure of tax.
  5. Visa restrictions have been removed by Indian government and introduced a visa scheme on arrival. This facility is for medical tourists from selected countries. This include a stay of 30 days for treatment in India for foreign nationals and can be availed an extended visa for a year, with consideration of medical conditions.
  6. People will not face language barrier in India as in other Asian countries.
  7. Patients do not have to wait in queue.

Process Flow of Coming to India for Surgery

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants facilitates well managed plan for patients coming from Kenya

Step 1. Once you contact us with your query, we will request you your medical records for assessment from our surgeons.

Step 2. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will counsel the specialists with these reports and treatment if availed. With these details we will find the hospital specialized to give best treatment for your problem.

Step 3. Once we get estimation from planed doctors and clinics we will send you medical opinions.

Step 4. after you select your medical service provider, your visit to hospital and appointment with specialist is finalized.

Final 5. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will guide with travel, visa, local transport and hospitalization.

About Forerunners Healthcare Consultants

Kenya Travel to India
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We are a team based in India from past ten years specialized in delivering patients to top class amenities in to notching Hospitals and clinics in India. Our network of health care services and hospitality is well reputed and known for excellence. We’re focused on improving the well-being of people; giving better administrations than clients; conveying exceptional esteem; and surpassing the desires of everybody we manage. Let us be your medical tourism guide to assist you with exemplary service and health care.

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Medical Trip Africa 2 India for Organ Transplant Treatment

Organ Transplant Surgeries in India are Affordable and Successful


Forerunners Healthcare Consultants are premium service providers for medical tourists coming to India offering excellent health care packages with low cost. Organ transplant surgeries are complicated and difficult process right from the beginning. The team is alliance with top rated hospitals of India performing organ transplant with the expert hands. We have a team of executives giving you round the clock assistance forming best relation with patient to give them a feeling of comfort.

Our network includes expert surgeons in organ transplant with specialized skills forming a big pan with also the well trained nursing staff. This strong network of service provider will help you achieve most beneficial and affordable treatment plans with organ transplant in India.

Many patients from Africa visit India for their treatment and organ transplant issues. As Africa is having poor healthcare facilities with lack of good hospitals and surgeons, people find medical tourism the solution to get back their sound health. Only rich people can take benefit to travel to higher nations like USA and Europe but now with development in medical field in India people from Africa visit here to get an affordable organ transplant. The cost of treatment is low in India because of the economy rates, this does not mean that standard of treatment and services are low or you have to compromise. The fact is Africans receive best services within their budget.

Why Africans Come to India for Organ Transplant with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants?

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Forerunners healthcare Consultants focuses to deal with organ transplant surgery in India with high- tech offices to support the assessment and treatment of organ transplant patients. Some of the most exceptional innovation utilized at our associated hospitals for transplant surgery in India are 256-slice CT, PET-triphasic scan, 3 Tesla MRI , ,completely computerized system propelled disease control frameworks. The transplant focuses have committed HEPA-separated surgery offices, cutting edge screening and imaging suite and devoted serious consideration units and high reliance office. Every one of these offices is intended to the absolute best of global standards.

Coming to the understanding of procedures, let us discuss about types of Organ Transplants

There are mainly two types of organ transplant

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1.Deceased Donor Organ Transplants– here the organ which is issued from a person who has died and his/her family decides to donate the organ.

2.Living Donor Transplant of Organ– here a living person can donate his/ her organ to the needy. In this process surgeon transplant some part of organ to the patient’s body according to the medical procedure.

Some organ Transplant Surgeries which are performed in our associated hospitals and are successful are

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  • Liver Transplant
  • Lung Transplant
  • Kidney transplant
  • Cornea transplant
  • Heart transplant
  • Pediatric Organ Transplant
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
Process to get connected with forerunners healthcare consultants



Availing high quality treatment procedures are very close to you and just an email away.

  • The process begins with patient or relative sending a query email to us along with your medical reports. We will send you medical opinions from our expert surgeons and doctors.
  • The medical opinions are from India’s top surgeons performing surgeries with best cost estimation for treatment in India’s top class hospitals.
  • Once you gave your confirmation, our team assists you in planning like medical visas, appointments, hospital stays and much more.

The only reason behind most Africans visit India is we give best, safe and comfortable treatment packages according to the requirement of patients. We understand your need and also fulfil them.

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Forerunners Healthcare Consultants – Traveler Assistance for Medical Tourists from Africa to India


Forerunners Healthcare Consultant is the initially enlisted (Government of India) medical tourism and human services health care supplier company based in India. Forerunners health care Consultant is the fore most International Patient Care and the top rated medical tourism Administration Company of India helping the international patients assisting in their needs, looking for all types of therapeutic medications and surgeries in India.

The healing centers and clinics in our network are worldwide affiliated and are among the most developed centers, in which medicinal practices and protocols followed, with specific projects intended for the patients needs. Forerunners health care Consultant gives you simple access to the biggest system of medical service providers in best hospital facilities, nursing homes, specialists, doctors and specialty clinics of India. Our system is spread in more than 15 urban communities of India. We are ISO QMS affirmed for all our practices and service packages guaranteeing best service and results for our patients.

About Africa


After Asia, Africa is world’s largest continent being second in the list, with ethnic culture, famous wild life and jungle safari. Poverty and population are problems due to which development is quite low. Health care facilities are poor and so people in Africa are facing issues with health. This crisis can be solved with medical tourism. A growing option for people in Africa is they travel to India for various surgeries and medical services. Kenyan patients adopt India as medical destination to save money and also avail quality treatments. On other hand if they visit some other countries, economy rates are much higher which cannot afforded by normal people.  Comparing the cost for cancer treatments, fertility issues, organ transplant are among best cost saving treatments and also best in supremacy.

Why Africans choose Forerunners Healthcare services for treatment plans in India 

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India is recognized worldwide for the best and qualified health care professionals in each and every sector. With development in medical services, most experienced doctors and well qualified surgeons are performing world class treatment procedures.

With most focused charges for treatment, India is an extremely lucrative destination for individuals needing to experience treatment of certain medicinal issues. India offers top class Medical Facilities, similar with any of the western nations. India has cutting edge Hospitals and the best qualified specialists. With the best base, the best conceivable Medical technologies, went with the most focused costs, you can complete the treatment in India at the least charges.

Africans are quite sensitive with choosing their health care requirements. The patients from Africa prefer traveling to India for medical facilities of premium level. In past two decades, only rich people used the facilities of medical tourism that too in USA and Europe. Now, india is an growing hub for normal people accessing medical services at low cost. Forerunners healthcare Consultants are always ready to help foreign patients and people from Africa within countries like Kenya prefer to take assistance for following reasons

  • Simple registrations, free no obligation opinions
  • Budget friendly treatment package- a fraction of cost
  • Best standards of medical services and surgical care
  • Low risk factor
  • Good service without letting you wait in lines
  • Customized and full time support
  • Consultations, investigations are available at short notice with specialist
  • Exemplary healthcare facilities
  • Speed service with quality
  • Responsible for patient needs
  • Supremacy in delivering good professional clinical and surgical care and treatments.

Know the procedure to avail best surgery and medical treatment in India

Successful treatment
Successful Treatment with Forerunner Healthcare Consultant. 

Forerunners healthcare Consultants will avail you the process for coming to India getting economic and successful treatment. The procedure begins with patient filling a query form. This follows with a discussion on medical history on phone with our executive. Our specialist and surgeons studies the case and gives opinions which is conveyed to you and understands further planning. The patient can travel to India from Africa, we assist you at every preparing step like visa letters, pre appointments from doctors, plus all travel and accommodation requirements.

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